The CBSE has conducted Class 12th Chemistry paper on March 13, 2018. More than 5 lakh students from across the country appeared for the class 12th Chemistry board examination.

Like Physics, students have mixed reaction to Chemistry paper as well. On one hand students complained of too many higher order thinking skills type questions, teachers opined that all questions were from NCERT only.

After the tricky physics paper, the Chemistry paper has further disappointed them. For this year it has been observed that at least 10-15 questions are Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) type. The subject teachers have also commented that there were many HOTS question and numerical questions require a combination of formula, making it a time-consuming exercise. What they would score will be revealed in the class 12 result of CBSE 2018, which is likely to be announced in June.

Not only for numerical, but it was time-consuming for even 01 mark question on coordinate chemistry. The paper was definitely not a joyful experience for an average student. Amidst all the disappointed faces, few of the students said “The paper was easy. The questions were straightforward and not tricky.

The students who studied in depth from NCERT textbook can score good marks. The teachers have confirmed that questions were totally from NCERT only. Some teachers pointed out a pattern that the difficulty level was strategically placed in the paper. There is one tough question for every two easy questions. For example, the word problems from Organic Chemistry, while the questions from Amines chapter is relatively simple and easy, the question of Aldehyde and Ketones required a conceptual understanding of the student

The students, on the other hand, had a totally different view of the paper. For science students, PCM makes up the score for admission in every college. “With Physics and Chemistry going bad, the chances of a good PCM score are almost gone“, said one of the upset students. The paper would be tough for an average student but then there would be students who would be able to excel at it.

The Class 12th board exams began on March 05 with English, which many students and teachers have said that the overall paper was scoring.

The exam for Physics was then held on March 07, 2018. While those preparing for JEE Main 2018 said that the paper was relatively easy, however, the non-JEE aspirants commented that the questions were tricky. For this, as many as 7,400 students have signed a petition at for lenient marking in Physics paper.

The students should not let this hamper their goal. Next is a scoring examination, i.e., of Mathematics. The students have enough time for revision and should stay focused and concentrate on the next exam. Solve at least 4-5 HOTS question daily and previous year question paper.

50% of the students said that they found the paper easy while 50% said that the paper was tricky and lengthy. How was your paper? Did you find it difficult or easy? Tell us in the comment section below.

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  1. Not very difficult but a lititle tricky with reasoning questions
    Will the valuation be liberal? ?

  2. The paper is too hard. Please make lenient checking while evaluating the answer scripts. I would like to get percentage in PCM approximately 65 to 75% otherwise I will not be succeeded in life. Please help me.

  3. chemistry paper was bit difficult bttt if the checking will be lienet then there will a chance to get good marks ,, otherwise not at all,,

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