The CBSE Class 12th Board started from March 05, 2018 with its usual, English paper. The exam for English is said to be the most high scoring paper, however, usual small mistakes can degrade the overall marks also. Here we have given the complete verdict of the English examination. Many smiling faces were seen after the exam was over and can be said that the paper was well done.

Many teachers and students have said that they found the paper for English lengthy but easy to solve. However, not every face that came out of the examination hall were happy. Some students felt that the paper was too lengthy and 03 hours were not enough to complete the paper.

Share your views on the CBSE 2018 Class 12 English paper. Did you find it tough or easy?

Over the years, one concern raised by the candidate is that the paper for English is always too lengthy and the time limit very less. One of the students said that she had to rush through one section and still needed 15 minutes more to complete the whole paper.

Section A was Reading Section and was of 30 Marks. It is generally the most scoring section as the questions are direct and easy to answer. The unseen passages were fairly simple and straightforward. However, much time was needed to read through these passages and answer the questions. So it was a bit of time-consuming. However, those who would have managed their time well here can score maximum marks. So overall, the Section A was easy but a bit lengthy.

Section B was Writing Skills and of 30 marks. This section did not have any hints, which would make the paper easy for many. Also, those with average writing skills could easily attempt this section. Overall this section was also easy but could have been tricky for those who lack creative writing skills. 

Section C was Literature and of 40 Marks. The questions asked in this section were direct and not at all tricky so, it was easy for students to answer them. Some teachers commented that even the average students would be able to attempt the section with ease.

On the end note, it can be said that the first paper was quite easy and the students were happy with the paper. The paper was relatively easy than last year, though a bit lengthy. Some questions were repeated from previous years’ papers. One can easily score about 70 to 80 marks.

The next exam is of Physics and there is only one day to revise. Most of the students just rushed back to their home to revise for the next examination.

Many students were upset over the fact that very few gaps were there in between the examination. However, those who have well prepared for the exam fewer or no gaps cannot stop them from achieving their goals.

The days for preparation are anyways over now, so the students should now give all their time for the revision now.

At this last minute, for the Physics Examination, the candidates should focus on Derivation, definitions, statements and units, Devices like Cyclotron, Galvanometer, potentiometer, metre bridge, transformer and AC generator, Instruments: Compound microscope, Astronomical telescope.

Also, in physics some chapter like Semiconductors, Communication and EM waves are completely theoretical and highly scoring in nature. So the average students must prepare these chapters first and then they can go for Atom, Nuclei, Dual nature, Optics and then Part-1.

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  1. Yes, it is true that the Question Paper of English is very Easy ti solve but it is little bit lengthy

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