Its been four days since CBSE class 12th Physics examination was held but the buzz regarding the level of difficulty has not settled. While some found the examination to be pretty easy, others gasped at their fate. As per review of class 12 CBSE exam, there were mixed reviews.

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Students who found the paper to be easy are those who are preparing for the JEE Main 2018. While a class 12th student not taking coaching classes felt that the paper was too tough and lengthy.

The questions required critical thinking, for which a class 12th student does not expect. However, a student taking the coaching is trained to attempt questions which are unconventional. Students took social media to state that paper is only easy for those who have strong mathematical and logical skills.

Candidates especially found section C difficult. Also, it was 3 marks question that made students strach their heads.

Students also blame that the reason for bad performance is only a day’s time to revise, This year, CBSE consciously left less gap between the examination so that the papers could end within a short period of time. However, it was impossible to completely revise the entire syllabus in a day.

The major cause of anguish among the students is that media has stated the paper to be easy. It is unfortunate that as per general perception it is considered that all the class 12th students are taking coaching classes or are preparing for JEE Main, NEET, BITSAT or other entrance examinations.

However, there is a section which is not preparing for the entrance exams and aims to do well in the board exam. This section relies on school education and learns everything that is taught by teachers.

Students lament that JEE Main is to be based on class 11 and 12 syllabi of CBSE Board, not another way around; the Board needs to maintain the thin line that sets two papers apart. Many are a tad worried about result of CBSE 2018 class 12.

All eyes are now set on the Chemistry and Mathematics exam, which are due to be held on March 13 and 21, 2018. The students around the nation pray that unlike the Physics exam, the question will do justice to the NCERT pattern and CBSE level of class 12th.

Though class 12th marks are no more considered while preparing the JEE Main rank yet the marks are important. Only those JEE Main qualifying candidates will be granted admission in JoSAA counselling who will score more than 75% marks in class 12. If the question paper of boards exam remains to be so tough it will become difficult for the students to reach the benchmarks and get admission.

What is your take on the matter? How was your Physics paper? Do you agree that the class 12th Physics paper was easy for those taking coaching classes and difficult for the non-coaching students? Let us know what do you think, comment below.

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  1. The paper was tough, tricky and time consuming. Section -C which consists of 3 mark questions were the most difficult ones. The language of the questions were hard to understand.

  2. It was actually tough for the non coaching ones and need to be justified as not all the students are involved in coachings.

  3. Section D was quite surprising because of mirror formula and diagrams. Section C questions were HOTS questions that require a lot of practise and thinking. Some students taking coaching classes may have done similar questions which is why it was simpler for them. All this was not expected considering only one day gap between the exams.

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