The CBSE Class 12th Board exam for Physics was conducted on March 07, 2018. The students and teachers have shared their views on the Physics paper. There are few subjects which are scary until the time they are not over. Physics is one of that subject. It is often considered to be a tricky but scoring paper.

There were mixed reviews of the students and their thoughts were different from the teacher. Some students said that the Paper was easy while others said that it was difficult and a lot tricky. However, the teachers have a completely different view on this. As per some teachers, the paper for Physics was easy and scoring for all students and students can easily score near about 95 marks in the paper if they had prepared well for the exam.

Did you find the class 12 physics paper tough or easy? What do you think you will score?

Students were worried since the time CBSE released the datasheet for Class 12th as only fewer gaps were given in between for revision. Of course, it infuriated the students first, many of them even shared their opinion by saying that it was unfair. For example, after English exam, only one day gap was there for revision for Physics paper.

One point which students and teachers agreed on was that the difficulty level of the questions was distributed evenly and balanced in all the sections. Diagram-based questions were scoring while value-based questions, like on electrostatic, were easy to answer.

There seems to be a pattern in Physics Paper.

Like in 2016, the paper was easy while in 2017 the questions were difficult and tricky. Likewise, for 2018 the paper was easy-moderate. Most of the students have shared that anyone can score definitely above 75% in the physics paper.

The pattern of the question paper was as per the exam pattern prescribed by the board, which allowed the examinees to answer almost all the questions. The detailed pattern is given below.

CBSE 12th Result 2018 will be announced in either May or June.

Best of luck for Chemistry!

The next paper for science stream students is scheduled for March 13, 2018, for Chemistry subject. It has a gap of 5 days. As usual, most students are nervous and expect that it would be tougher than the previous year. However, students should focus on their revision and do not pay attention to anything which distracts them.

For Chemistry, many students make silly errors in Physical, Organic and Inorganic Chemistry. Some common mistake you can avoid is that in Physical Chemistry, in numerical always write the working formula, correct numerical value, and proper unit. Half or 01 marks is usually assigned to these small things. Also, the students should write all laws as it was stated. What most students do is that they reframe the statement or only write the mathematical expression. However, marks are allotted to the statement of law only. The reason based questions must be answered in two points with one stating the cause and the next point consequence. Though it is of one marks only, bit is expected that the students should write two points.

For Inorganic Chemistry, balancing equations is a MUST and should not be ignored in any way. For the Principle involved in a process type of questions, the students should write the process or steps involved but do not mention the principle behind the process.

For Organic Chemistry, common mistakes are made in the IUPAC nomenclature. Most students make mistakes in writing the suffix, for instance –ol should not look like -al. The other mistake is made in identifying the substituted alkyl group. Correct reagent needs to be written with corresponding observation. In equation/ name reaction type of questions, check whether name or structure/formula is asked for in the question. In Mechanism, you should draw the arrows showing the electron transfer, and type of reaction involved must be written.

Another big examination for CBSE Class 12 boards is Business Studies which has now gained the reputation of one of the toughest papers for Commerce Stream students. As per the marks distribution, some of the important topics are Organizing and directing – both carrying 10 marks each, Staffing which is of 08 marks, Planning, nature and significance of management of 07 marks each. While in Part B, Marketing is of 14 marks, and Financial management is of 12 marks. Students should definitely practice Business Studies sample papers.

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  1. During the conduct of English exam the invigilators disturb the students for formalities like taking off their socks , signature etc. As a result the student get disturbed and lot of time is wasted. This happened with my daughter who appeared for her class 12 engliish exam. Nearly 10 minutes of her time was wasted in the process and she was not able to complete her article although she knew it very well. Who is to be blamed .. The CBSE should take care that the formalities should be completed before the start of exam and the student
    NTS should .It be disturbed in between.

    • i would have thrown my socks and shoes to the floor and told them go ahead if i were in her place! This is unfair. Even my invigilator who was sloppy at keeping track of time gave the paper 5 mins late.

  2. my invigilator had a problem in giving me an extra sheet, when i asked for one in the last 15 minutes because it supposedly had a small dirt mark in it. I literally had to retaliate to give me the extra sheet i lost almost 5 minutes. uf!

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