Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducted Class 10th English paper on March 12, 2018. Everything went well until the reports of error in the comprehension section started surfacing. The students and the teachers claimed the students got confused because of the typing errors. While they wasted time in seeking synonym for ‘endurance, obstruction, and motivation’ in para 2, 3, and 4, it was in para actually available in 6.

Following the claims, CBSE analyzed the question paper and confirmed the errors. To ensure that the interest of the students is safeguarded, the Board has decided to compensate for the error.

The controller of the exam, KK Choudhury, told a leading daily that CBSE has decided to compensate students for class 10 English paper blunder. He told that it was a typo error and it will be ensured that no candidates have to suffer because of it. The marking scheme will be prepared accordingly by the Board.

In WhatsApp, numerous students received a message that the Board will allocate 2 marks for the errors. However, the controller has confirmed that it was a rumor and the number of benefit marks will be decided later on.

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Other than this, the students also pointed out that in a particular section the word ‘or’ was missing between the parts of two questions. This also lead to panic and confusion among the students. Though these are small typo errors but can change the meaning of the entire sentence.

“Evaluation is a very secretive process. Though the marking policy is always decided keeping the interests of students in mind, but an expert committee examines whether it is an error in the first place or not and how students’ interest can be safeguarded,” CBSE official told PTI.

CBSE 2018 Board Exams are definitely not the most successful examination. From typo errors to paper leak, all sorts of irregularities have been detected in the examination. For instance, one can spare the authority for the paper leak because even after various checks corrupt and sly find ways to leak the question paper. However, typo errors are the result of ignorance.

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CBSE should ensure that the question paper is error free, does not have any question out of syllabus, does not have misprints, etc. A flawless question paper will make the examination process easy for the students, as well as, the Board because then CBSE will not have to seek measures to correct it.

Over 16 lakh students registered for CBSE Class 10th board examination. The examination is ending on April 04, 2018. The next big paper that the students will be facing is for Mathematics on March 28, 2018. The result for CBSE Class 10th board exams will be declared in the month of June 2018. Good luck to all the candidates. We hope you ace the exams with good score.

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