So now the students of Class 12th will appear for their Mathematics Board examination. It will be held on March 21, 2018, by CBSE. The exams are just around the corner and the students are gearing up for the last minute preparations.

Mathematics is one of the subjects which has a mixed audience. It is either loved by most of the students or dreaded by the other students. It is one of the best scoring subjects which can boost up your score. So those students after the dreadful Physics and Chemistry paper, can use this opportunity to increase their score.

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Before that we discuss the preparation tips, let us first know the mistakes which are usually made by the students. There are the minute mistakes which are overlooked by the students and hence result is deduction of marks.

First point ot keep in mind is that for the sums of Matrix Elementary Operation, do not change rows and columns together in the same sum. For row transformation, change only row, and for column transformation, change only column.

To get full marks in the Determinant sums the students must use the properties of determinant. Whereas, for sums of Indefinite Integral, write the constant of integration.

For Linear Programming problems, proper shading of the feasible region is very important. If the region is unbounded, don’t forget to draw the kink line. In the sums of Vector Algebra and 3D-Geometry, always and always give vector line.

Remember in Maths exam the students get marks for every step.For every step that a student writes down, there is a mark for it and vice-versa. For a question carrying 6 marks, the step wise marking scheme can be 1+1+2+2 or 1+1+2.5+1.5 marks. To tackle 01 mark questions, always try to write the correct answer of the sum. If however the answer is wrong but the steps are correct, step marking or point marking becomes very difficult.

The CBSE Class 12 Mathematics paper will comprise of questions carrying 01, 02, 04 and 06 marks. The students will have 03 hours to complete the 100 marks question paper. For long answer type questions, the choices will be provided to students.

Only practice and time management are two key points which can help you in scoring good marks in Maths Paper. Revise list of all important formulae and concepts, also do not forget to understand the usage of the formulae. This year majority of the paper has been from NCERT, so do not waste your time and focus of NCERT textbooks only.

Generally, most scoring and long answer questions are from Algebra, Three Dimensional Geometry, Calculus, Probability, Relation & Function. So prepare them accordingly. Practice answering previous year papers and sample papers.

Another thing which has been observed in this year’s paper is that at least 10% of the questions ate Higher order Thinking Skills (HOTS). So make sure that you practice HOTS questions as well.

In the hassle of preparation, do not forget to bring your admit card and stationary items on the day of the exam.

Lastly, keep your calm and relax on the day of the exam. The more you stress about it, the harder it will be for you to focus on the paper. Report at the exam centre 30 minutes early and revise the formulas and everything once and for all. Do not be demotivated if someone says something that you don’t know. Let the negativity go and keep a positive attitude through the exam.

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  1. “This year majority of the paper has been from NCERT, so do not waste your time and focus of NCERT textbooks only.” What does this mean?

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