Every day news of question paper leak in some or the other state board is reported. But who would have thought that question paper in CBSE Board will be leaked. This nightmare became a reality on March 15, 2018, when reports of CBSE Class 12th Accountancy question paper leak shook the nation.

The circulated images matched the set II of accounts question paper. The furture of Over 11 Lakh CBSE Class 12th Students in deep waters

As per the news reports, CBSE class 12th accountancy question paper was leaked right before the examination. It was circulated on WhatsApp, which is a widely used application by students. It is being said that the images were making the rounds since yesterday. The sources of the images have been traced in Rohini region of New Delhi.

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Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has denied all the claims. It states that all the seals in each exam center was found intact and someone is playing mischievous to vandalize the examination procedure.

Various Newspapers, students, teachers, parents, etc matched the images and the set II of the question paper. GUess What!… it matched. What are you trying to say CBSE? Your stand seems to wobble.

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The nation might have believed the Board but Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia, took to Twitter to confirm the reports of Accountancy paper leak. He has not directly stated that paper has been leaked, but provided firm hints of the same. He has also addressed Directorate of Education and CBSE to take swift action so that the hard-working students don’t suffer.

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Addressing the matter further, Deputy Chief Minister said, “CBSE is one of the most reputed organizations. I am sure they will take swift action and try to find out how the paper reached whatsApp right before the exam…”

On March 13, 2018, the examination for Chemistry was held. Similar to the Accountancy paper, the question paper for Chemistry has also been reported to be leaked on the same platform. To this, CBSE said that the paper was circulated by the students because they could enter the exam hall 9:45 am. However, exam started at 10:30 am then how can students circulate images of the paper?

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While CBSE denies all the reports but facts speak louder. This is not the first time when the Board has been caught up in such situation. It has been here before. It is being suspected that the Board might have been aware of malpractice because on March 04 the Board released a notice warning against fake elements asking for question paper copies for verification.

The problem is not if the paper has been leaked or not. The problem is Question Paper Leaking and Buying of it….

The students who buy or hope for the leak are to blame as much as the sly who leak it. The question paper for Bihar Board, UP Board, Assam Board, MP Board, Maharashtra Board, etc has also been leaked. These are only a few to name but the list goes on and on. The students can put a stop to it by trusting themselves and working hard rather than looking for shortcuts to success.

Another section which can help eradicate the question paper leak issue is the social media platforms. I am not a technically savvy person and also understand that the internet is free information sharing information space but certain checks are required. There can be checks to ensure that social media platforms are not misused for those practices which put the future of millions at stake.

What is your take? Youth is the future and how future should be shaped? Do you think in this fast paced competitive world it is fair to look for shortcuts or only those must prevail who work hard and mark their future on their own? Let us know, in the comment section below.

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