Yesterday, Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) confirmed that the class 12th Economics paper was leaked. To maintain the dignity of the Board Examinations and in the interest of the fairness to the students, the CBSE Board has decided to re-conduct the exam. It is expected that the dates for re-exam will be hosted on, within this week.

Studnet’s Current State of Mind

Students across the nation are divided on the matter. While some are terribly upset by the though to re-appear for the exam. The others demand re-test of CBSE 2018 for accounts and biology paper as well. Many students and parents have started protesting against the CBSE’s decision. Across various cities like Bengaluru, Goa, Guwahati, Chennai and Kolkata, Bhopal and Patna, students are furious that they will have to take the exams once again even though the leak was limited to the Delhi region.

How to Prepare Now for the Re-exam? Know the Level of the Exams So Far

First of all, see the actual class 12 economics paper. The agony of the students is valid but this is not the time to waste. Students need to keep calm and prepare for the re-exam. The CBSE Class 12th boards exam, in general, were moderate in level of difficulty. So far, no question in any exam was out of syllabus and the maximum questions were from NCERT. CBSE will not upgrade or lower the level of the re-examinations. It will remain the same.

Students revealed that the CBSE Class 12 economics paper had some tricky questions but overall the paper was scoring. They were able to complete it on time. The students from Lucknow said that the questions were based on concepts and core knowledge. The level of question paper was moderate, they added. But for the students of Bhopal, the paper was easy.

One of the teachers from Allahabad said that the paper was easier than expected. The teacher also mentioned that the students were a bit relaxed because since this year 20 marks were allocated to the practical exam and 80 marks to the theory section. This pattern was implemented for the first time.

Students and teachers from Patna said the paper was easier than the last year’s question paper but few questions from the macro-economics section were little bit difficult. From Dehradun, it was concluded that the paper was simple and easy.

All the class 12th CBSE students should start their preparation for the re-examination of class 12th Economics paper as soon as possible. Maybe the paper will be more tricky this time. So the preparation should be done accordingly.

Try to make a schedule and plan before starting your preparation for the re-exam. Execute it till the last day before the exam to yield fruitful outcomes.

Solve all the question papers of Economics including this years also to enhance your level of preparation. The question papers will give you a fair idea of the questions which are most likely to come in the upcoming re-exams. Start the habit of making notes of all the small things which are important and the major formula so that you can revise them quickly and easily during your revision time for the re-examination.

By solving the previous year’s question papers, you will be able to know the real time situation of the exam. You will be in a position to judge yourself and your level of preparation. Accordingly, you will be able to know that what modifications are to be done in your preparation ways. This will surely help you to attempt the paper more effectively.

Stay focused on your goal. Give proper time to the topics. Know your weaker and stronger parts first and divide the time accordingly. Time management should be done very efficiently during the exams to obtain maximum marks.

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