Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has announced that it will reconduct class 10 mathematics and class 12 economics papers. CBSE conducted class 10 mathematics exam on March 28, 2018. Previously the class 12 economics paper was conducted on March 26, 2018. Reports of paper leak has seemingly pushed the board to take this move. The notice for reconduct of has been published today, on March 28, 2018.

You can read the notice for reconduct of CBSE 2018 exams here.

This is a very crucial notice for all class 10 and 12 students. If you are reading this, then share it as much as you can with your friends. Everyone should know that there will be re-exam. It is important to share this news so that no one misses out.

Teachers and parents are also urged to share this news with students and academic communities. Reconduct of exam by CBSE is an unexpected event. This is not a rumor. It has been actually notified by the Central Board of Secondary Education on its official website cbse.nic.in.

The notice says

Board has taken cognizance of certain happenings in the conduct of certain examinations as are being reported. With the view to upholding the sanctity of the Board Examinations and in the interest of the fairness to the students, the Board has decided to reconduct the examinations in the following subjects. Dates for fresh examinations and the other details shall be hosted on the CBSE website within a week.



Do you think CBSE has taken the correct decision? Were the papers leaked? Share your views and opinions in comments below!

If you have appeared in CBSE class 10 or class 12 exams, then you can email your question papers to [email protected] They will be helpful for all students to prepare for board exams.

Also let us know in comments below on how should students tackle reconduct of exams and how they can prepare again for these papers. This event may delay CBSE results.


  1. This is so absurd. why these children have to face it.. why they are punished and for what ???? Just because of few unwanted people who are reluctant and incapable of studying… Please have a heart for the the batch who faced board exams for the first time and that too the entire syllabus.

  2. this is not fair enough, why pressurising to students, why students are being punished? catch a Culprit, senior authority who is taking care.

  3. Ha theek hai leak hua hai isme hmri kya mistake hai cbse is reponsible for this
    And i rqst to cbse that please reconduct the paper before 4 april becoz my grandfthr is suffring from cancer and mera ticket hai 4 april ki evng ka so plz its a humble rqst plzzz

  4. The exam reconduction should happen only in the region where there is the paper leak also it is the CBSE board duty to keep the paper properly. Due to their irresponsibility the innocent students have to suffer suffer

    • I agree with you Jamuna…you are absolutely right…what is this happening?First accounts paper and now this…CBSE thinks we students have no other life or what than studying their **** portion. Long portion… writing the paper for 3 hours….stop your enjoyments and life just for the exam they conduct and get this news instead of final result(report cards)….what is this CBSE?? One question I want to ask to them….is there someone in their team only who is making all the papers leak?? All the students are planning to fly to India, for further studies and make their career….But CBSE doesn’t like people going ahead for further studies. That plans also CBSE wants to interrupt. Students will plan for college’s entrance exams and future career or will study over and over again the same thing that you planned CBSE??? Just because of you negligence, students will suffer for sure, but, your reputation will also go down…Indians will prefer to study in O-Levels’ schools. It will affect CBSE’s dignity and country’s reputation as whole, cause the whole world must be talking and thinking that, “CBSE is a fool….it pressurizes the students… and after so much pressurization…it can’t even take the responsibility to take care of the papers it has created.” CBSE should remember one thing…already it has low respect in front of the British curriculum/O-Level schools, and with these incidences one day, CBSE will be lost. CBSE needs to be responsible more!!

  5. yaar only beacause of a single person the whole batch of 10th would be affected!! fuck off cbse

  6. the board must more careful on this particular matter as its quite a crucial n sensitive matter. . its my request to please carefully rethink on the matter. all students in exam hall n dont cheat . they write paper sincerely as these exams are key to new stage in life. paers must me kept in cctv survillence. for deeds of one why others get punished

  7. plus such actions delay collage admission process of students n then its difficult to find seat in there .

  8. I don’t know why we have to suffer for others deed
    As JEE mains is approaching students are sure to feel burdened if board sets date after mains
    Then it’s fine

  9. This is not good decision , one person made a mistake for that reason all are not punished .

    Board is full responsible, where as X th Maths is concern only the paper was easy and asked from NCERT

    Text Book that is not a student mistake. Before releasing the question paper board has to be check before conducting exam not after.

    So please consider Xth standard Maths . ( not required for re-exam )

  10. Balamurugan Arasu u r right I am agree with you , board has to be check before conducting exam not after. not required for re-exam, isme students ki kya mistake hai

  11. Reconduct will affect the students caliber. This is nothing other than pressuring innocent students. Instead of re conduct, apprehend thr culprit and re do the exam where this is leaking of the paper.

  12. I am very sad

    In delhi class 10 paper leack has happen why other state student are suffering this you should do re exam of delhi were paper leack happen

    Paper leack in delhi but all student are suffering

  13. The decision of reconduct of examination is not a right decision.
    CBSE should be try to find the people who are involved in this fault.

  14. Hey guys we can stop this by doing a protest . This CBSE
    doesn’t understand a student’s hardship.I a class X student request the CBSE to clamp down this Rexam.
    Who’s with me…also start a meme war against CBSE(not needed).

  15. Tomorrow’s Newspaper headlines:
    12,00,00 student’s depressed due to CBSE’S LAME A** DECISION.
    And some quit their vacation and some quit their life.

  16. hum sab students request kar rahe hai re-exam nahi hona chahiye, aur stress jyada ho gaya mind me phir se, kaise aayega question paper, re-preparation karna phir se. jab hamari koi galti nahi. sirf 1ya2% logo k pass paper leak hua, why we suffer. kya guaranty hai ki paper average students k liye ncrt me se aayega phir se. koun barayega self confidence hum sab jo ab down ho gaya hai.

  17. Pls change the decision, why student been punished. We feel ashamed for cbse for not thinking of our lives, we are human being, we studied a lot.
    pls revert and change the decision many students are literally crying.

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