Girls have outshined boys like every year in CBSE Class 12 boards result. The CBSE 2018 class 12 Board Result was declared at 12:21 PM today. With the declaration of Result, the toppers were revealed too. Meghna Srivastava from Humanity stream scored 499/500 and became the All India Topper of CBSE 2018 Class 12. The top 3 performers are Girls and this year too, Girls have outshined boys. The pass percentage for Girls is 87% and the pass percentage of boys is 81.2%.

In a brief talk, Meghna Srivastava said that she wants to pursue Psychology Major in her higher studies. Although she is not looking too far into the future just right now. IAS is not on her list as of now. She would like to concentrate on her college education first, rest will depend on how college goes, she has said.

talking about her journey she has said notes and consistent hard work has helped her score well. She said this is the result of consistent hard work. History is her favorite subject and she also enjoys Psychology and would like to pursuCBSEe a Major in Psychology in higher studies.

“There are no secrets, just consistent hard work is the key” – Meghna Srivastava

Meghna Srivastava has scored 100 in all the individual subjects, except for in English core where she scored 99 marks. Her marks being — English core-99, History-100, Geography-100, Psychology-100, Economics-100. Meghna has outdone the CBSE topper from last year, Raksha Gopal who scored 99.6% in the 12th board exams. Meghna’s overall percentage is 99.8%.

Talking about her expectations before the result declaration, she has said that she expected to score well, but not to top in the National Level. It was all very overwhelming for her and she says she would like to dedicate this achievement to her parents, teachers, and friends for encouraging her throughout.

Like last year this year too the topper is from the Humanities stream. 12,737 students have scored 95% and above marks. Whereas 72,599 candidates have scored 90% and above marks.

The overall pass percentage is 83.01% this year. There is an increase in the overall pass percentage by 1% as compared to last year. Last year the pass percentage was 82.02%. Despite the removal of marks moderation policy, the overall pass percentage has increased marginally.

In the top 10 students of CBSE class 12 examination, 8 are girls and the rest 2 are boys. Among the top 10 candidates, 6 are for Uttar Pradesh. This year the overall passing percentage has increased. There was a dip in passing percentage in 2017. Thus, this year students have performed better comparatively.

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