CBSE Class 12 Informatics Practices Syllabus

Informatics Practices is a subject for Class 12 and its code is 062. CBSE has defined the syllabus for Informatics Practices. Candidates can get the syllabus of Informatics Practices of class 12 from This subject is optional for the academic year 2019-20. But from the session 2020-21 onwards, it would be mandatory for class 12 students.

Before reading the syllabus of Class 12 for IP, the students should revise the IP syllabus of Class 11. The Central Board of Secondary Education has provided the learning outcomes and the prerequisites for the students. So, the candidates can understand the aggregation operations, descriptive statistics, and re-indexing columns in a Data Frame. Students can understand the Python programmes and the connected SQL.

Informatics Practices is divided into two major parts, i.e. theory and practical. There are a total of five units for this particular subject including the practical part. For the theory part, there are 4 units and one unit for practicals. From unit 1 to unit 5, the name of the units is Data Handling – 2, Basic Software Engineering, Data Management – 2, Society, Law and Ethics – 2, and Practicals.

Now, the units are sub-divided into the various chapters. There are three chapters in unit 1 (Python Pandas, Numpy, Plotting with Pyplot), unit 2 has seven topics (Introduction, Software Process, Delivery Models, Process Activities, Agile Methods, Use Case Diagrams, Practical Aspects). For unit 3, there are topics such as GET and POST methods, Interface Python with SQL, SQL commands. Unit 4 has different chapters. These topics are known as Intellectual properties, Cyber Security, Technology and Society, E-waste Management, Role of New Media in Society, Issues the Internet, Case Studies etc.

In terms of the marks, CBSE has also divided the syllabus into the marks. The theory part has 70 marks while the practical part has 30 marks. The first unit has 30 marks, unit two 15 marks, unit three 15 marks, unit four 10 marks and the fifth unit contains 30 marks.

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These units have also been divided into the factors having the percentage of the marks in the theory and practical exams. So, the first unit has the 80 theory and 70 practicals, unit two has 25 theory and 10 practicals, unit three contains 20 theory and 20 practicals, unit four has 15 theory.

Coming to the practical part, the lab test is having 10 marks, report file and viva contain 9 marks, project and viva have 11 marks. So, the practical part has a total of 30 marks.

According to the latest news, the CBSE Date Sheet 2019 is expected to be out in the fourth week of December 2018. The exams may get started after February 15, 2019. As per the circular released by CBSE, the board exams for the vocational subjects will be held in the month of February 2019 and the core subjects’ exams will be conducted in the month of March 2019.

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