CBSE English Syllabus for Class 12

CBSE has prescribed the syllabus for the English subject. There are various changes that have been done in the exam pattern of English this year for class 12. The Central Board of Secondary Education has issued the syllabus in the pdf format at The pdf contains the various sections and the respective marks.

For the students who are going to appear for the class 12 board exams, 2019 must know the syllabus. There are various vocational and core subjects for which the exams will be conducted from February 2019 to March 2019. The core subjects contain Hindi, Mathematics, Science, English etc.

For class 12 English subject there are three sections such as Section A, Section B, and Section C. Section A is named as reading comprehension, Section B as writing skills and Section C as literature textbook and long reading text.

Section A

Section A is known as Reading Comprehension. This section has two unseen passages. Students will have to read the passage and write the answers accordingly. For the section a, the students will have to answer the very short questions, short questions, and the multiple choice questions. The passages include the factual passages, the descriptive passages involving opinion, and the literary passages. It contains a total of 30 marks.

Section B

This section is based on writing skills. This section will also be of 30 marks. Students will have to answer one short question out of 2 having 4 marks, one long question out of 2 having 6 marks and two long questions having 20 marks.

Section C

In this section, the questions would be asked from the literature textbooks. This entire section contains a total of 40 marks. In section c, the board would ask a very short question of 4 marks, four out of six having 12 marks, four out of six long answers of 24 marks.

Changes in Section A

The board has made some changes in the section a. The number of questions has been reduced to two passages from the three passages. Earlier, the passage used to consist of 1100-1200 and 400-500 words while now the number of words have been reduced to 800-900 words.

In terms of the topology of the questions, 6 MCQs have been reduced to 5, 16 very short questions to 9, there will be 3 short questions rather than 1 short question, and from 1 long question, it has been incremented to 2 long questions.

Earlier, there was a total of 24 questions of 30mmarks. But now, CBSE has reduced the number of questions from 24 to 19. The total questions would be of 30 marks.

In the entire question paper, there will be a total of 35 questions rather than 40 questions.

The students may expect the CBSE Date Sheet 2019 in the fourth week of December 2018. The board exams will begin from the month of February 2019. CBSE will conduct the board exams for the vocational subjects in February and for the core subjects in March 2019.

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