Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) was in a fix when reports of paper leak started circulating. Initially, the Board denied any irregularity but the notice released on March 28, 2018, says a different story. The recent notice by the Board states that the re-exam will be held for CBSE Class 12th Economics (030) and Class X Mathematics (041) subjects.

As per the issued notice, the reason for re-conduct of the examination is to uphold the sanctity of the Board Examination and in the interest of the fairness to the students. This indicates that the Board acknowledges the leak and is ready to take action against it.

The new dates for the re-exam will be announced soon by the Board. It is expected that the re-exam will be held before April end because in May-June, the Board announces the result for class 10th and 12th.

What will be the Difficulty level of Re-Exam?

It is a wrong perception that the difficulty level of re-conducted exams is tougher. The Board will maintain the same level of the examination. However, some might find it difficult due to various reasons. Similarly, few candidates might also find the re-exam easier.

Preparation Strategy for Re-exam

By now, the students very well know that the questions in the exams, this year, are straightforward. No question in CBSE Class 10th Mathematics question paper or CBSE Class 12th Economics question paper was out of syllabus. Hence, candidates can use this golden opportunity to score well. The best strategy at this point should be to solve as many past year papers, sample paper, and mock tests as one can. It has also been noticed that most of the questions in the exam were from NCERT. So, if you missed solving NCERT during the preperation, this is the time to do it.

Re-exam for Economics and Mathematics leaves Accounts students demandIng for justicE

CBSE is only conducting the exam again for the Class 12th Economics and Class 10th Mathematics examination. However, the first report of the paper leak was for Class 12th Accountancy, which was held on March 15, 2018. The images of SET II was circulated in WhatsApp a night before the examination. Since Board has not address Accountancy in the notice, the students are disappointed and demand fair conduct of the exam.

Paper for Biology and Social Science Also Leaked?

Parents and students are also claiming that the question paper for Class 12th Biology and Class 10th Social Science has also been leaked. The students got the images of the question paper a night before the exam was due for these subjects.

The pattern of paper leak so far!

As per the reports, all the leaks were carried out online. Earlier, the paper was sold to students via illegal mediums. This year, all the leaks have been done majorly via WhatsApp. Images of question paper were also appeared on Facebook but majorly the free images circulated on WhatsApp. Interesting thing is that for no examination the entire questions paper was leaked. Always portions or sets of the paper reached to students, a night or two before the exam. Like, in Accounts Set 2 was leaked, in Economics Set 3 was leaked, and in Mathematics as well Set 2 was leaked.

Who Leaked the Paper?

Only a sly can carry out such acts. No confirmation has been given about the source of the leak so far but it has been reported that all the leaks were from Delhi and Rohini region. More details and actual source will only be revealed after the investigation.

Students are to be blamed Equally

We agree that there are hardworking students who aim to score well by burning lamps day and night. But few seeking shortcuts make it difficult for everyone. If students will not seek these shortcuts, then there will be no leak. Hence, students need to understand that they can only make thier future by studying and not by cheating.

We wish you all good luck for the re-examination. Do not miss out this chance to score well in the exam. You can also tell us your view on the matter. Should there be a re-examination of Biology, Accounts, and Social Science or there should not be any re-exam at all? Speak out your thoughts, let us know in the comment section below.

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  1. Re exam is always a disappointment to most of the students. They portray a penalty for hard workiing students vs easy going ones. If we r asked for our opinion we would not opt a re exam at all coz 1. That will dash our summer vacation plans ( important for the family too) 2. Who knows the paper would be of same difficulty level. 3. Re exam of sst will be a mere waste coz most of the students dont choose humanities. Its for a chunk of ppl the others neednt be penalised. Practically speaking sst is not considered as important as the other subjects like math n science. *our vote is for not to reconduct sst exam

    • Please just don’t think about the loss of holiday that the students in India get to enjoy.Students,abroad,especially the students in the middle east have to start there new academic year by the first week of April..

  2. Who will gives us a guaranty that re-exams will not out of ncrt course,
    for an average students to clear 10th standard, as we already worked day night harder and harder, bring out some other solution, why students are punished.
    What PM Modi is doing, not thinking of children lives. Why u are playing with us.
    Guys protest required. This is Modi responsibility , why we suffer.
    No one is there to listen students opinion.
    Not to re-conduct exams.

  3. i am a class X student and my mathematics exam was good. i was indeed shocked and frustrated on getting the news of paper leak and re exam. but now i have realized that the decision for re exam has positive as well as negative effects.now students have to deal with even more stress and the ones who had planned for the holidays are indeed in a state of displeasure and disappointment. but now students have chance of preparing even better and cracking the exam.the positive side should always be considered.

    • Please don’t just think about people who had vacation.That is not important.. There are lakhs who have their academic year starting on the first week of April.These are the foreign students from UAE,etc. Think the pressure on them.. They have to deal with 11th portion and maths hand in hand..

  4. Delhi and rohini region should have reexam or for the most north Indian schools.How will you guarantee it’s a easy paper.In this Mathematics paper I’m looking for 90+out of 100.You destroyed my dream ,CBSE reputation will fall.Please forgive us one time, we are writing this for first time a full syllabus.

  5. Not only these papers.. almost all question papers were leaked Physics Chemistry Maths were also leaked
    If board is conducting rexamination of bio then they must reconduct maths examination also.
    Or they should conduct all exams again in proper supervision by fair way.

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