So, finally the last major subject paper of Science Stream, i.e., Biology of Class 12th was held on March 27, 2018. The Class 12th Biology exam is considered the easiest paper but a lengthy one. True to that, the students and teacher rated the paper average on the difficulty level.

One of the students commented that “It is a balanced paper. Most of the questions are application based. Some more diagrams based questions were expected. The students with thorough knowledge of the subject matter should be able to score well”.

Many of the students were a bit worried over the fewer gaps in the exam but most of the exams have turned about to be just fine and easy to score. A majority of the papers have been from NCERT Textbook only for every paper.

However, like the Physics Paper, not many agreed with the other majority of the students. Some students complained about tricky questions. One student said that “The overall paper was tricky especially the three mark questions which were confusing.”

While teachers totally opposed and said that paper was a good mix of direct and application-based questions and those who had studied the NCERT textbooks properly will definitely score good marks.

The theoretical paper of Biology carried 70 marks and the question paper had 26 questions divided into five parts. The section D of the paper contains only one value-based question of four marks. Many questions were direct only recalling the specific term is required. Evolution and genetics question was direct though the trickier question was there in sample papers. Overall, the paper is quite straight and recalling types.

An average student can easily score 50% in the theory exam. Though many felt that the paper was lengthy while there were other students who completed their paper before time.

Section A was very short answer type questions of one mark each. They were application-based questions. The questions were balanced and were a part of previous papers as well.

Section B contained very short answer type (I) questions of two marks each. The question number from 6 to 10 were more of application-based questions and were direct-to-the-point.

Section C were short answer type (II) questions of three marks each. This section had mainly explanation based questions. 03 questions were evaluation based and there was only 01 diagram based question.

Section D had a value based question of four marks. Question number 23, was a value based question which is commonly asked.

Section E contained long answer type questions of five marks each. The questions from this section were from the NCERT exercises itself and were from the expected topics.

The paper did not have overall choices, however, an internal choice was present in 1 question of two marks, another question of three marks and all 3 questions of five marks.

In comparison with last year’s paper, it was observed that Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants had more weightage than the Human Reproduction whereas this year, Human reproduction has more weightage than Sexual Reproduction in Flowering Plants. Similarly, weightage of Organisms and Populations was halved in comparison to last year.
This year, CBSE has also been making headlines over the paper leak controversy. The paper leak allegations were made for Accountancy and recently conducted Economics paper. For the Economics paper, the CBSE has released a notification stating that a re-exam will be conducted.
To this latest news by CBSE, many parents are now demanding that a re-exam for Class 10th Science and Class 12th Biology paper should also be conducted as the Biology was also leaked. However, no leak reports for the Biology paper has been reported, so it possibly could be a rumor.
How was your exam for Biology? What is your opinion on these Biology paper leak reports? Do let us know in the comment section below.  
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  1. I had a good way through the paper, whose credit I give to my thorough NCERT studying. The paper was definitely ‘not an easy one’ and students were likely to commit both silly and major mistakes. Diagrams were very less asked compared to expected (esp. in 5 mark questions). Some questions were tricky since it was difficult to decide which value points would suffice; in spite of knowing all of it, you had to decide which portion of your knowledge you had to scribble down. However, if everything goes the finest way, I hope to lose not more than 1-2 marks.
    ……Fingers crossed…..!!!!

  2. Pls pay attention here im a 12th student bio. Anf chemistry paper were also leaked… Im very much frustrated now.. The papers were distributed to whatsapp on the night before exam…. Many of my friends after giving exams showed it to me shamefully… This is not at all fair… Cbse isnt paying attention to it as neet and jee mains exams are there…
    Please raise this issue
    Here’s a proof:

    I cant see others scoring good marks by leaking the paper.. Thats total injustice

  3. It must be reconducted the studnt who are working hard they are not full.
    It must be re conducted

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