Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducted class 12th economics examination today, on March 26, 2018. While the students across the nation were appearing for the examination, News18India disclosed that the question paper has been leaked.

The news has only been reported by the said news channel. Sumit Awasthi, Deputy Managing Editor of the channel, took to Twitter to report the leak by re-tweeting a fellow report’s tweet. His tweet read, “Again!..! Oh! My God. Whats wrong with #CBSE. Now #Economics paper is leaked…”

The channel also revealed that the paper was leaked on whatsapp, way before the students entered the exam hall. The question paper which the news channel found has the same Set 3, as that in the actual examination.

Insofar, no other newspaper or media house has covered the news yet. Students around the nation are using numerous social media platform to confirm whether the paper has been leaked or not. Few blog newspapers are reporting the leak but there is no solid proof of it yet.

If the report is true then this is not something that has happened for the first time. On March 15, 2018, the Board conducted Accountancy paper and the report of leak spread quickly. Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi, Manish Sisodia, confirmed the leak and asked CBSE to look into the matter. On the other hand, CBSE denied all the allegation and informed that all the seals were intact in all the exam centers. The leak is being investigated now.

The report of the paper leak has brought a wave of disappointment among the students because they were quite satisfied with their performance in the exam. The question paper was direct and easy. No question in the exam was out of syllabus and those who practiced from NCERT were able to easily get the answers of all the answers.

Not only students but even teachers agreed that the question paper was moderate in level of difficulty. As per some, this is the easiest economics paper in 5 years. Theory, as well as, numerical were from the course book and no question required out of the box thinking.

The only section in which candidates had a little difficult was macroeconomics, other than that all question paper was a boon for the candidates.

CBSE class 12th boards examination are ending on April 13, 2018. This year, 11,86,306 students registered for class 12th examination. The exams are being held across the nation, in 4,138 centers across India and in 71 centers outside the nation. The Board is expected to announce the CBSE Class 12th Result in the month of May 2018. It will be announced online, at cbse.nic.in.

We hope that there was no leak but if it was, then it is a shameful matter for CBSE. What do you think has happened? Was the CBSE Class 12th Economics Paper leaked or not? Also, if you received any WhatsApp image of the question paper then do let us know.


  1. There was definitely a paper leak as i personally know students who have admiited it in front of me that they saw the paper before the exam

  2. paper was leaked on 25th march in evening
    It was a handwritten paper so no one believed it was real thing, but in morning actual images if paper were circulated among students prior to exam.

  3. Yes the paper is leaked even i got the pics of handwritten question paper…on which i didn’t trusted later on the question paper which i got was exactly same…

  4. Economics paper xii was 101% leaked on 25 th march handwritten .there must b a stricked action against this by cancellation of it.its all in the air no rumour.

  5. The paper was definately leaked ,i have the proof regarding the same too as my friend send it to conferm a answer,the questions match exactly,there is no option here to share the pic otherwise i would have

  6. Yes I personally saw the students admitting that they had prepared from the leaked paper . The paper was handwritten. It is shameful that hardworking students again will not get their due and the frauds will stand tall.

  7. The economics paper was definitely leaked . I don’t have proof but saw students who had prepared only leaked question paper. Sir, kindly do something so that hard working students can get their due.

  8. Ys sir paper has definitely leaked … Some teacher had. Taught same paper in morning …. Even some of our friends have been asking questions before examination which appeared to be exactly same …. Even when we asked our teacher about this leak … She was laughing …

  9. Paper was definitely leaked and i even know the students who had the paper way before the exam had been started

  10. Yes it is absolutely true that the economics paper just like the accounts paper was leaked but shamefully the cbse boasting of its fiol proof but now offcourse foolish methodology will deny it
    It is really embarrassing and shameful to see the most premium board of the country getting its papers leaked yet giving no response and gping in denial mode
    Shame on pur system

  11. Cbse class 12 ke almost every paper leak hue hai accounts n eco ke one day pehle n bst n maths ke some hrs before so cbse kitne exam ke retest lega .
    Cbse ko ban kar dena chahiye n atleast govt. Should do something for deserving students.
    Admission in colleges should be on entrance basis

  12. Sir those who got leak paper,they were able to complete paper even 1 or half hour before but sir we kept on writing the paper till last and even then also our exam left with some marks

  13. I am a srudent of class 12. I studies whole heartedly to score 100 in eco fpr the whole year. When i came out of my examination hall, many of my classmated who used to fail in periodic assessments , said that they already got the paper on their watsapp at 8 in the morning. This is really unjust for the students who did so much hardwork. I would request cbse to conduct tge exam one more time.

  14. jin students ko leaked paper nhii mila h why should they suffer why should we do hardwork again if the economics paper will be held again then definately accounts paper should also be conducted again those who r with plzz protest guysss

  15. Now the justice is not prevailed fully yet because we all know the accounts paper was leaked too so why only economics?

  16. Yes the paper was leaked for sure. My classmates showed the paper to me ..that they received way to early before the paper ..it is not fair students like us will study hard and those u got the leaked paper will score full marks ..we want justice for the hardworking students

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