You need a job to get the experience and an employer wants the experience to give you a job

This quandary can spin the head of any student who is just about to start his/her career after higher studies. If experience is necessary for even freshers then how can a student break this cycle to land in the first job of the career. Here comes for rescue is the Internships which can act as an important booster to build up your resume. Let’s see what are different key points to know how internships are important to secure a good job?

What is an employer seeking from a fresher?

From an employer perspective, a candidate should able to survive in the work environment. Hence, he/she should be sustainable for long-term benefits. Moreover, having an appropriate work experience can assure the employer that you will able to understand the nitty-gritty of work profile where you will show your competence in the coming months.

Why companies hire fresher for internships?

Companies especially startups offer a great opportunity for students to boost their career. These companies have short-term work requirement hence companies get the help to complete the project via interns. Similarly, students get the appropriate work experience in their respective fields. Short-term internships, maximum of three months helps to earn some money during the graduation years. Generally, most of the internships are unpaid but getting the good experience overcomes the monetary value.

What type of work experience actually counts later in a career?

Not every internship will be considered by an employer. For example, if you are going to a programming field then having a work experience of any coding language will be the icing on the cake. Moreover, part-time and casual jobs can also be chosen to build a strong profile. It must suit your career aspects in future. Most importantly, having a relevant work experience in form of an internship will definitely help you stand in a crowd of thousands of job seekers.

How internships help you gain a relevant experience?

In a short-term, you will not able to get so much exposure but you will definitely get the gist of the work environment and its objectives. You will know how the work is done and strategies followed by the company. You will know how to manage the tasks even on a tight schedule. Moreover, it will help you to gain relevant skills and practical knowledge in the area of your specialization.

How can internships boost your career in the long run?

As we know having a good degree is essential but having the practical knowledge can undoubtedly promote the employment prospects. Thus, with relevant work experience backing academic skills, helps you to beat the tough competition nowadays. Apart from the employer perspective, you will yourself know your limits, strengths, and weaknesses in a professional workplace.

Does an internship help to get a permanent job?

Lots of companies often offer internship cum placements options to the candidates. Thus, you can utilise this opportunity by working hard to prove your caliber to work as a permanent employee. Moreover, even if you go to a new company, they will consider your experience and your skills eligible to offer you a job.

Last but not the least, what are the key benfits of having an internship?

First, it will help you to get real-world experience before the starting of an actual career. Second, it will help to improve your network. Having lots of contacts can help you in future. Third, you will learn time management by working in deadlines. Finally, it will be a career foundation for you as building a foundation strong will improve career profile for the future employment.

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