Here we are with a new move by Tamil Nadu state in their education system. Students of class 11th (plus one) and class 12th (plus two) will now have some changes in the pattern of their question paper. Directorate of government examinations (DGE) has decided to add up 20% questions on the basis of creativity and high order thinking skills.

In order to improve the learning skills of each student, Tamil Nadu board has taken this step. The board believes that instead of making the students cramming up the things, it is better to make understand them well. Therefore, teachers of all the schools are instructed that prepare the students in such a way that they read the entire book instead of the important points for the sake of passing the board exams.

Are any steps taken for the improvement of education system?

Then yes, the government of Tamil Nadu has taken the various steps in order to improve the quality of education at the state level. The board has removed the blueprint of class 10th and class 11th (plus one). While class 12th (plus two) examinations conducted last year on the basis of the blueprint.

Advantage and Disadvantage of Blueprint 

Every coin has its two faces in the same way every decision has its good and bad consequences. So, by having the blueprint, students are preparing the things in order to attain good marks only in the board exams rather than understand them. On the other hand, by removing the blueprint equal weightage is provided among all the chapters of the book.

By not having the blueprint, students have to study the entire book. This results in the abolishment of spoon feeding among the students. Also, the students of class plus one have proved that it’s better not having the blueprint by scoring the good marks in the examinations. So, you can score more marks by reading the entire book instead of just practicing the important questions.

Importance of Creative Questions 

Currently, the examination pattern consists of some of the questions based on the concepts and one or two on the basis of practical applications. But by introducing the high order thinking skill questions will help out the students in cracking the competitive exams of various level.

The government of Tamil Nadu has realized the importance of improving their education system after the plus 2 examinations, teachers and parents were requested for the grace marks for their students instead of having the selected topics covered in the examination. Not only Tamil Nadu, CBSE is also in the thought of adding 10% to 20% high order thinking skills questions.

This is the very first step taken in concern of removing rot learning among the students. Students and teachers will find some difficulty in beginning to make the habit of having the creative questions in the board exams. Though this is the new challenge for the students as well as for the teachers, there is a saying that  We don’t grow when things are easy. We grow when we face the challenges“. 

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