Changes Made by CBSE This Year

The Central Board of Secondary Education has made some landmark changes in its education system. This evolution includes the changes in the exams pattern for class 10 and 12, the question papers in encrypted form, the conduction of the exams soon, the release of the results early, no homework for class 1 and 2 etc.

Exams will be Held from February 2019

As per the recent notification released by CBSE, the board exams of class 10 and class 12 will be held in the month of February 2019. Earlier, the vocational and the core subjects’ exams were used to be held in the month of March itself. But from 2019 session, CBSE will conduct the skill education (vocational) exams in February while for the core subjects, the exams will be conducted in March. CBSE has taken this initiative for the convenience of the students. There are 15 vocational subjects in Class 10 while 40 skill education subjects have been offered for class 12. There are also some other subjects such as Graphics, Office Communication, Web Applications which have less than 500 students. So, CBSE has decided to conclude the exams of these subjects in the month of February 2019 while March 2019 will be used for the main exams for the core subjects such as Mathematics, Physics, Languages, Chemistry, Biology, Geography etc.

Results will be Announced Earlier

The High Court of Delhi has directed CBSE to release the results earlier from this academic year. Delhi HC added that the results of from the main exams to the revaluation results must be announced sooner. So, HRD Minister, Prakash Javedkar has also directed CBSE to make efforts in this direction.

This year, many students have faced the problem due to the late revaluation result. Thus, this initiative will be very helpful for the students.

Two Test Paper Options for Class 10 Mathematics

This decision of CBSE has given a sigh of relief to the students. Now, the candidates of class 10 will get the option to answer a standard-level or the existing-level mathematics question paper. The students who do not want to pursue Mathematics for the higher studies can opt the standard level of Maths. There is also a committee of 15 members comprising mathematics experts. The syllabus would be the same for the students. But they will get the chance to choose one question paper on the basis of their convenience.

Digitalization of the Question Papers

To avoid any kind of paper leak in the board exams, CBSE has made a change in terms of question papers. So, the board launched a pilot project as the encrypted form of question papers. For Class 10 Compartment exams, CBSE issued the encrypted question paper to the principal of the respective schools and the principals were able to download it right before the exams by using the user id and password. There were some issues with this step. So, CBSE is trying to improve it and will apply this step from the next year.

No Home Work for Class 1 and class 2

Madras High Court instructed CBSE to remove the ritual of giving the homework to class 1 and class 2 students. Also, the weight of the bags should be 1/4 to the weight of the student. The regional officers of CBSE and the Association of Management of Private Schools are instructed to prescribe the NCERT syllabus to the students.

These are some initiative taken by CBSE this year. Share your views regarding these steps. To do so feel free to use the comment section given below.

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  1. Dota changes are very small but maybe prove good if implemented very well with regard to the examination of 10th 11th and 12th and also for the class 9th along with the descriptive questionnaire there should be a short questionnaire with multiple choice of questions it may be a general question to a certain percentage of marks added to the hundred percent also CBSE and the governments should see the possibility of having a midterm exam for 9th 11th 10 and 12 classes also the government and the CBSE should have if both type of exam for class 5th and 8th class where the question is should be short answer descriptive or only objective answers

  2. Its a nice initiative but as u are aware that student of 10th standards are not aware of what they will be pursuing in higher studies and if the student opt for easy question paper then they wont get a chance to pursue in mathematics courses like M. P. C OR M. E. C and as you are taking this decision in the middle of the year many student will be distrubed from this and without thinking they will opt for easy paper. And in future they may regret for the same also if u want to go with this pattern then opt for 1 regular paper as per last year pattern and one hard paper for the student who opt for I. I. T COUCHING and those who opt for regular paper then they can opt MPC OR MEC COURSES in 11standered

  3. This should be looked at very seriously w.r.t. social studies which has history, civics, geography and economics. The portions are vast, the teachers, should make the subjects more meaningful and interesting, not morose, drab and boring.

  4. Hi….
    Is there any provision of 3rd language in 10th board? Lot of state are telling that in future they will introduce 3rd language (regional language of state) also. Please clarify.

  5. Cbse is more concerned about students..They are giving an option to choose students whether they need maths or not….Thank u cbse for giving a beautiful opportunity

    Q)Simple paper may be from text book or not?

  6. Hii! As per my knowledge cursive writing is not compulsory in CBSE schools,am I right? Kindly clear.

  7. Some decisions are good and some are very bad.
    1. Announcing results earlier is a.good one.
    2. Sending the exam papers to school principals on exam date is also good one but it should be applied not only on compartment papers but also on main papers.
    3. Not giving homework to class 1 and 2 students is a very stupid decision . This will make the habits of students very bad and their interest in studies will fall.
    4. Choosing maths paper between 2 is perhaps not a good one. This will make the student’s mathematics and calculation ability very weak as they will think that the paper would be an easy one.
    Cbse pls make other changes that will improve our worst education system to some extent otherwise the coming generations would be illiterate.
    Student(class 11).

  8. I am a student of cbse class 10
    Should i start jee preparation now or after class 12?????

    Please suggest me a good decision

  9. Good initiative towards the kindergartens😊😊is there any change in the physical education practical I heard that it will be of 40 marks instead of 30.and compartment system is removed it true..
    Kindly inform me. I will be thankful of you

  10. If there is a split of question paper for maths………thete should be a split of paper for biology who don’t want to take biology for higher studies.

  11. Good step ..taken by government …of 2 maths papers.. which would help students…in persuaing good marks

  12. Nice.But will there be no change in the detention policy? We have been waiting for it since long. The student who is unable to cope up should be detained from at least class 4 on wards. The non detention upto class 8 has severely deteriorated the quality of education and is a real problem for teacher from class 9 onwards.

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