A consequential change has been proposed – It is almost a sacred phenomenon to be able to take admission in the B.Tech courses offered by the Indian Institute of Technology (IITs). However, there are proposals in doing away with the B.Tech courses. Instead of an 8 semester-long programme, there are talks on providing one semester IIT experience to 8 times the number of students they educate at present.

Admission to the  IITs will be for the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th semesters of the B Tech programme (i.e., for the third and fourth year) and will be based on the performance in an examination based on National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning (NPTEL).

Is this idea feasible? Well right now, B.Tech is the flagship course that the IITs offer. More than 11 lakh candidates compete with each other in JEE Main and JEE Advanced examination to enroll in the B.Tech courses at these institutes. However, there are proposals on taking down the JEE Advanced examination too.

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In other words, plans to redo the engineering education of the nation has been sparked. Now, on August 21, 2018, at the IIT council meeting, the feasibility of these proposals will be discussed.

What this proposal aims at?

Well, doing away with the B.Tech courses is to convert the IITs into high-end institutes that offer post-graduate education and only certain semesters of teaching. In addition to that, it also suggests taking the IIT experience to more students.

At present, the IIT experience is enjoyed by some 10,000 plus students. This proposal aims to take the IIT  experience to about 8n time more students i.e., reaching  80,000 students a year.

Another thing that this proposal tends to resolve is to put a check on the thriving multi-million IIT coaching industry.

Some eminent faculty members at a top IITs are vouching for this proposal. They tend to revamp the engineering education of the nation.

Right now, the IITs offers 8 Semester long B.Tech courses (4 years). During this period, in the first year, a common course structure for all the students is followed. The common courses include the basics from most of the departments like Electronics, Mechanics, Chemistry, Electrical, and Physics. Thereafter form the second year, the students study subjects exclusively from their respective departments.

Other than the famous B.Tech courses at the IITs, that witness the highest enrollment rates among all the courses, there are several other courses at the IITs. These include a number of postgraduate programs including Master of Technology (MTech), Master of Business Administration (MBA), and Master of Science (MSc).

The IITs also offer the Doctor of Philosophy degree (Ph.D.) as part of their doctoral education programme. In addition to that, Dual Degree and Integrated courses are also available. They are 5-year Undergraduate programs with ten semesters.

The proposals are up for discussion at the IIT council meeting, as per the MHRD sources and the newspaper reports. Thus, soon a decision is expected on doing away with the B.Tech courses at the IITs. However, this is quite a colossal decision. The future of the engineers of the Nation will depend on it.

We would like to hear from you. Do you think a change is necessary in the engineering education of our nation? If yes, how much is the above proposal going to help?

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  1. If the change is needed then it should be done from primary level education. To stop coaching institutes you are bringing down the level of IITs. IIT s are internationally known because of their B.Tech. students mainly. To bring up other egineering institutes improve their system. No need to bring down the level of IITs. By this stupid and unthoughful plan HRD is playing with the talent and future of youths. Its just a politics of showing increase in number to 80000 than 10000. Implementation is not in favour of students. Very depressive attitute of experts is being displayed through this proposal towards young India and its talent. This may add to more braindrain.

  2. I think it’s a good approach… for which they are opting for… If we consider the population and the competition in the market… Right now it is immense.
    Also, not all iitians are talented or extraordinary…there are students who didn’t manage to get admission there but still they possess lot of potential in themselves.
    Also i would like to mention that those who are against this…should think twice..

  3. It is the worst idea ever to remove btech courses from IIT.
    It is not only dream but also a goal of many students who struggle two or even three years to get admission in IIT for btech courses, this proposal is heartbreaking for them.
    It will definitely degrade level of engineering education in India.
    This proposal must be rejected.

  4. There are no colleges comparable to IITs for B.Tech. So removing B.Tech from IITs will worsen the quality of B.Tech students and also opportunities for better education and jobs in big companies will decrease.If B.Tech phase becomes bad then do you think students will be aspired to do higher studies?

  5. It’s good ideaa,I support it…Because according to population of India this change is necessary even in 12th all student only think about how to solve numerical they have no clue about practical because of our,they only think about how I get admission in our they don’t think their impact in life even Kota is a full of business because of iit.the fee of Kota is much high even their fee is higher than many of engineering colleges.even we should also remove reservation from every educational field.many of talented student not able to get admission in our because of reservation.if iit is hub of talent then why reservation.So many student do suside due to high competition and pressure of money because the fee of coaching institution is much high

  6. Yes, I support this statement because it will produce more iitians and curb the billion dollar coaching industry

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