Funds Allocated To ITIs in India

1643.66 crores in Vocational Training Improvement Project, 111.58 crores in setting up of new ITIs and 57.51 crores for upgradation of existing ITIs in Enhancing Skill Development Infrastructure in North Eastern States and Sikkim, 220.29 crore in Skill Development in 47 Districts Affected by LWE, 81.17 crores in Upgradation of existing Government ITIs into Model ITIs are the funds allocated for ITIs in the country.

Funds allocation for Industrial Training Institutes (ITIs) to establish and improve in the country has been done by the Directorate General of Training, under Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship. There are different schemes that impart these funds.

Vocational Training Improvement Project (VTIP) is one of them. Under it, 400 ITIs in 34 state / UTs in the country are being upgraded. In all states except the North-Eastern states, funds are shared in the ratio 75:25 between center and state. Ratio for the same is 90:10 in North Eastern states. A total of 1643.66 crores has been disseminated till date. Largest funds have been for Maharashtra that got 339.25 crores, followed by Gujarat with 143.15 crores and Karnataka at 137.23 crores.

Funds Allocated To ITIs in India

Enhancing Skill Development Infrastructure in North Eastern States and Sikkim is another scheme. It is implemented to upgrade 22 existing ITIs. This upgradation happens by introducing 3 new trades in each ITI. In addition, such infrastructure that lacks in 28 ITIs are provided such as building of new hostels, new boundary walls, replacing old tools with new ones, and providing equipment for 3 existing trades. The scheme is also funding setting up of 34 new ITIs.

Funds Allocated To ITIs in India

Under this scheme, Meghalaya is setting up 3 new ITIs with funding of 546 lakh, Manipur is setting up 4 with 863 lakh. Then Assam is to have 5 new ITIs with a funding of 1457 lakh, and Tripura will get 3 new ITIs with 2554 lakh. Arunachal Pradesh will have maximum number of new Industrial Training Institutes, 9, with 2013 lakhs. Nagaland, Sikkim, Mizoram will set up 4, 3, 3 new ITIs respectively with 1221, 635, 1870 lakhs respectively.

The next scheme through which funds are allocated for ITIs in India is Skill Development in 47 Districts Affected by LWE. One institute each is set up in the 47 districts in India that have been affected by Left Wing Extremism.

Funds Allocated To ITIs in India

As can be seen, 220.29 crores have been disseminated through this scheme. 1 District in Andhra Pradesh, 1 in Telangana, 9 in Bihar, 9 in Chhattisgarh, 16 in Jharkhand, 1 in Madhya Pradesh, 2 in Maharashtra, 6 in Orissa, 1 in Uttar Pradesh, 1 in West Bengal have been identified.

Fourth and last of the schemes is Upgradation of existing Government ITIs into Model ITIs. The Ministry and/or the state has identified at least 1 ITI in each state which is being worked upon to become a Model ITI. A Model ITI shall be the one which will have best practices in the industry, its training delivery will be efficient and of high quality, and its relationship with the industry shall be sustainable and effective.

Funds Allocated To ITIs in India

ITIs identified to become model ITIs are ITI Gajuwaka,  ITI Jorhat, ITI Yupia, ITI Marhowrah, ITI Bhilai, ITI Chandigarh,  ITI Pusa, ITI Panaji, ITI Dashrath, ITI Gurgaon, ITI Nalagarh, ITI Ranchi,  ITI Bangalore, ITI Honnavar, ITI Kalamassery, ITI Bhopal, ITI Nashik, ITI Barbil,  ITI Roopnagar, ITI Men, Mettupalayam, ITI Udaipur, ITI Namchi, ITI Coimbatore, ITI Indranagar (W),  ITI Mallepally, ITI Meerut, ITI Varanasi, ITI Jagjitpur, Haridwar, ITI Durgapur. For the same, fund allocation is as follows.


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