CBSE to Modify Paper Pattern of Class X and XII

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is planning to change the exams pattern of class 10 and class 12 from 2020 session. The step has been taken as the part of the revamp. Now, the vocational exams will be held in the month of February. The board will try to wrap up all the exams until March. So that the result would be released earlier.

The Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) official said that from 2020 onwards, the exams will be divided into two parts i.e. Vocational and the Non-Vocational subjects. As you know that the number of the candidates related to vocational subjects is fewer than the non-vocational students. So, the board is targeting to complete the vocational exams in February.

The rest of the exams will be over in the next 15 days in the month of March. By this initiative, there will be more time for the evaluation and the results will be announced earlier.


-Vocational Exams will be conducted in February.

-main exams will be over until March.

-There will be more question on the thinking ability of the students.

-there will be more time for the evaluation process. Result will be released earlier.

According to the MHRD official, there will be a slight change in the exam pattern also. To test the analytical abilities of the students, CBSE will give more questions on problem-solving in nature. There will be more short questions between 1 to 5 marks. So, the students will actually think about the problem and the various methods to solve it rather than just gaining the marks. This vision will reduce the rote learning and the students will focus on the reasoning abilities.

CBSE has submitted this proposal to the ministry of approval. The board has claimed that this step will produce a better result and the academic quality of institutions will be renewed. The respective state education departments will be responsible to check the infrastructure of those schools.

The proposal will take about three or four months for the renewal. However, the board is working on the changes which will be applicable from 2020 session.

Share your views on this step taken by CBSE. Tell us how do you feel about this. If you have any query or question then do ask it in the comment section given below.

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