• Re-exam for class 12 will be held all over India on 25th April 2018.
  • CBSE class 10 mathematics re exam will be held only in Delhi and Haryana in the month of July. Exact dates will be announced in 15 days.

While addressing media along with the CBSE Chairman, Education Secretary Anil Swarup has revealed more details about the CBSE Board Class 10th and 12th re-examination, including the dates. The Secretary confirmed that the Class 12th Economics paper was leaked. It will be re-conducted throughout the nation. Initially, he said that the re-exam for Eco will be held on March 25, 2018, but immediately correcting his mistake he cleared all the doubts and told that the fixed exam date for re-exam is April 25, 2018.

There are no perfect solutions to the problems that we face. But after deliberating hard we have come to certain conclusions. It will not be perfect solutions to the problems that we have. We have two sets of announcements to make. One in the context of date of re examination. And other in the context of understanding where things are going wrong. – Education Secretary Anil Swarup

He also addressed CBSE Class 10th Mathematics paper leak. The paper has only been leaked in the state of Delhi and Haryana and the decision regarding the conduct of 10th re-exam at all Indian or state level will be announced in next 15 days. He stated that if the re-exam for Mathematics will be held then it shall be conducted in the month of July 2018.

The exam will be held in July so that children, their old schedule is not upset. So that 16 lakh students do not get affected. And if at all the re-exam has to happen, which you will get to know in the next fortnight, it will happen in July.

This decision of holding class 12 examinations is in the context of the nature of the examination and the consequence of the examination. Because consequent to the class 12th examination the students have to go to colleges and universities to seek admission, they have to appear in various entrance examination. And more importantly there was no time availbel for a very detailed enquiry as to where exactly and how exactly the leak happened and where the impact has been. We did try to find out but we felt that time was running out and that we had to announce a date for re examination and considering its importance, considering its necessity the date of 25th of April has been  decided for class 12th for Economics.

How Were The Papers Leaked?

According to the First Information Report (FIR), CBSE received a fax last Friday, which said a man who runs a coaching class in Delhi was leaking question papers. The CBSE handed over the fax to the police a day later. Also, the Prime Minister Narendra Modi conducted an interactive session and expressed his displeasure over the CBSE paper leak.

Actions against the leak of papers

Delhi police interrogated and questioned over 30 people, including students and teachers of private coaching centers. Also, the Delhi Police crime branch said they were trying to trace the trail of the paper leaks. Many students across the country protested. Finally, the chairman of CBSE announced that the students don’t have to worry for anything because the decision for the re-examination has been taken for the welfare of the students.

Analysis of the paper!!

Many students who appeared for the exam admitted that the Maths class 10th paper was easy as compared to the other subject’s papers. But, some students added that though the paper was easier than the pre-board examination’s paper, it was bit lengthy. It was concluded that there were lengthy calculations in section D of the paper. Also, maximum questions were from the NCERT textbook. One question from Arithmetic Progression was challenging and questions from Probability were straight forward. An expert said that only 10percentt questions were of moderate difficulty level, rest of the questions were easy for most of the students.

Preparation tips for the re-exam

Nobody can change what has happened but we should always try to look forward to what we can do next. Now the next step is to start preparing for the class 10th re-exams. You should not waste the time now thinking about the things that have passed away rather start planning your schedule once again with a fresh and energetic mind. Follow the sample papers as many as possible to get the idea of the questions that are most likely to be asked in the upcoming re-examinations.

Follow the question paper pattern of this year as well as for the previous years because most probably the questions will be based on the previous styles only. Changes will be there but proper preparation using the sample papers and the previous year’s papers will be enough to score well in the re-exams also. Stay focussed on your examinations till they don’t get finished. Give proper time to the sections that you feel you are weak in. Try to judge yourself and re-shape the preparation strategy accordingly.

When you solve questions at your home, maintain the time by keeping a clock in front of you. This will help you to manage the time properly during the exams. Time management is the most crucial factor that plays a major role in determining the results. So, you need to pay attention towards that also. Make notes of the important things so that you can revise them daily with ease. All the best!

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  1. there should be an re exam bcz why only delhi and haryana will give exam may happen students had sent the papers by Facebook or by letter form…may be many student seen them in odisha,mumbai…there shoulb be an re exam

  2. Now the class 10 students have to live in fear that one day they have to give their maths exam …. Wow!!😠😠

  3. Many students from punjab also got 10 math question paper before actual examination so math paper should also be reconducted in punjab

  4. the paper was also leaked in meritnation website..one of the student kept the pictures of questions …this meritnation website is accessed by students all over the country and hence leak is not restricted only to delhi and haryana but also all over india ….!!

    soo i request cbse board to re conduct maths exam for everyone….!!
    this is justice

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