Chemistry class 12 Board Exam 2019 On March 12

CBSE class 12th board examinations are going. Today, on March 05 Students have appeared for the Physics paper which some finds a bit tricky. After this students now have to prepare themselves for the Chemistry paper.  CBSE class 12 Chemistry paper has been scheduled on March 12. The examination timings are from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm. So, you have 6 days total to brush up all the basic concepts, formulas etc.

Chemistry is the subject includes the combination of theory and numerical based problems. As per the syllabus prescribed by CBSE Chemistry is divided into two parts- physical chemistry and organic, inorganic chemistry. Most of the students find the organic and inorganic chemistry a bit difficult as compare to physical chemistry. While from the Physical chemistry electrochemistry chapter is quite a time taking. So, keeping in mind all the aspects we have discussed some of the last minute preparation tips for the students. Go through them and finds which one you should pick up while doing your last minute preparation for Chemistry subject.

Tips To Remember 

  • Focus on the Numerical Based Questions.
  • Write and Practice Organic and Inorganic reactions.
  • Explain your answer through diagrams where ever possibile.
  • Explain your answer in points

From the total 6 days dedicate your two days for revising the part 1 of Chemistry and the rest two days for revising the part 2 i.e organic and inorganic. Physical Chemistry (part 1) consists of the chapters like solid states, solutions, electrochemistry etc from which numerical based problems come in the paper. Similarly from organic and inorganic part consists of questions from naming reactions, polymers, chemistry in everyday life etc. Focus on the formulas and the basic concepts involved. While revising try to write all the reactions and formulas at one place. After that go through all the numerical based problems of part 1. Questions from physical chemistry are scoring as well as formula based. So, prepare them very well.

Exam Centre Intructions 

  • Carry Your admit card and School Identity.
  • Regular students allowed in school uniform only
  • Entry inside the exam centre starts from 9 am to 10 am.
  • Electronic items such as calculator, mobile phones, bluetooth devices, smart watches or any kind of paper are strictly not allowed.

It is highly advised to the students that in the last days of preparation do not try to go for all the options available. Just stick to NCERT and one reference book. Go through all the concepts and the questions given in NCERT and practice the questions from the reference book you prefer from day one. After revising all the chapters in the remaining two days go through the sample papers and previous year question paper and at last give a final touch to what you have prepared for the board exam.

Do not take the pressure of the exam as prepared with a calm and fresh mind. While appearing for the exam do not think of the result just give your best and try to attempt all the questions in the given time period.


All The Best For Your Exam!

After your exam, do share your experience through your comments in the box provided below! 

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