CBSE 12th Physics Paper was Lengthy and Difficult

Yesterday i.e. on March 05, 2019, the Central Board of Secondary Education conducted the class 12 Physics exam. Around 660159 students appeared for the exam which was held at over 4000 examination centres across the country. As per the students, the question paper of Physics was lengthy and moderate to difficult. The question paper was not actually so tough but the length made it so. The question paper was full of numericals. On average, one student took around two supplementary sheets to write the exam.

Some students said that the question paper was easy most of them were saying that the questions were a bit tough. For some students, section C and D was a bit tricky. The questions were asked from the textbooks. However, there was no question from the sample paper. In Set-3, the same question was repeated in two questions. 3 marks questions were the trickiest. Also, the students had only two days gap between the exams. So, it was difficult for them to revised the entire syllabus.

CBSE 12th Physics Exam 2019

Telling about some more things about the questions, the students said that the candidates who have read each line of NCERT would have found the paper is easy. Many of the students have tweeted on the CBSE officials and have asked for grace marks.

According to some experts, it was tough for the students to complete the entire questions within the time span of 3 hours. They also said that they will write to the CBSE board about the Physics paper and they will also ask for the grace marks. On average, most of the students had to leave out 6 marks worth of paper.

The exam was held on Tuesday and it was conducted from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm. Students got 15 minutes to read the question paper. The subject carried 70 marks and the students were given 3 hours to complete the exam. So, most of the students are expecting 40-50 marks out of 70.

The question paper pattern of CBSE Class 12 Physics was as per the new sample papers given by the board. There were 5 very short questions in Section A. Each question had 1 mark. So, entirely, this section has 5 marks. 2 marks questions were asked in Section B. Section B had 7 questions and the total marks of this section were 17. The question type was short answer type questions. Now, coming to Section C, it had 12 short answer type questions containing 3 marks each. So, this section was of 36 marks. At last, Section D was having 3 long answer type questions. Each question was having 5 marks. Thus, Section D has entirely 15 marks.

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    • Exactly it was soo easy compared to last year, and compared to past few years it wasn’t tricky at all, just straightforward questions were put up, good knows what are thus year’s kids upto just for the sake of grace marks

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