Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) has started conducting Boards examination. Tommorrow, on March 06, 2018, the class 10th students will write Hindi examination. The exam will be held for Hindi A and B. Students who will be appearing should keep the following important points in mind.

# Prepare for the Battle

First and foremost, keep everything that you need tomorrow ready. Admit card, pen, pencil, eraser, uniform, etc. Do not keep anything for the morning because you do not want to get late for sure.

# Revise What is Important

Revision is important. If you will start studying a new topic now it will not help but the revision will for sure refresh memory and help recall what has been forgotten. You can start by revising the rules of grammar and then move on to the stories and poems.

# The Hidden Secret of Thoughtful Answers

While some are scared of the language as a subject, other find it very easy. But, the truth is that it is a scoring subject, in which thoughtful answers can lead to good scores. The grammar section in the entire 80 marks paper is of 15 marks. Rest is all subjective answers. The language subjects are high scoring because there is no right or wrong answer in it. You just need to read and understand the story or poem and answer accordingly.

# Know the Importance of Each Question

In the question paper, some question will be of 1 marks while the others will be of 10 to 15 marks. The students need to realize the importance of each question and answer accordingly. Do not write 10 pages for one mark question. You can check the weigthage of marks for CBSE class 10th Hindi A and B from below:

CBSE Class 10 Hindi A Marking CBSE Class 10 Hindi B

# How to Attempt Unseen Passage

Instead of reading the passage first and then reading the questions try and go another way around. Take a moment to understand the questions. Then, read the passage. Your mind will automatically search for the answers.

# Hindi is a Langage Not a Subject

Hindi is indeed a language, a beautiful one. Just go through the stories and poem once without considering it as a mandatory chapter that you need to study. Once you will read it just like any other story or poem, your understanding of it will naturally become clear.

# Go Through Past 10 Years

I think all the students check past 10 years question papers a night before the examination, in hopes to get lucky and find a question which will be asked in the examination as well. This rarely happens but going through last 10 years question paper is not a bad idea. It will give you the better understanding of the exam, as well as the level of it. You will also get to know what exactly is expected from the student in the exam.

# Most Importantly

A tired mind cannot function to its best. So, it is advised that you take a good night sleep. Yet, if you are night creature then also do not stress yourself too much. No matter what, a night’s study cannot result in 90 percent marks. Hence, no point it bending yourself. Instead, revise as much as you can and then go for the exam will fresh body and mind.

All the Best!….

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