A wise man once said, “The man who has no sense of History, is like a man who has no ears or eyes”. The CBSE conducted the Class 12th History Paper on March 20, 2018 ( 10:30 AM to 01:30 PM).

History paper for Class 12th is considered as one of the toughest and lengthiest papers. Surprisingly many happy and relaxed faces were seen outside the exam center. A majority of the students were happy about the History paper as most of the questions were from NCERT textbook only.

None of them had any complaints and they were confident enough that they can easily score 65+ marks out of 80. Also, the questions on the map were directly from NCERT and not at all tricky.

The subject teachers who went through the paper also agreed with the students. One of the teachers said that “A balanced paper with average difficulty level based on NCERT. The questions for 4 marks were conceptual with a little-twisted language. The paper required a thorough knowledge of NCERT“.

Though some of the questions were tricky, especially 04 marks question, yet the students completed their exam in time with ease. Over 28 lakh students appeared for the Class 12th History exam.

In Part A of History paper, all questions of two marks were very easy except for one question related to limitation laws of 1859. In Part B, there no such confusion in questions in this part. All the questions of 04 marks were scoring and to the point. Questions on topics such as Sufism, Ibn Battuta, hill stations, economic and social conditions during 600 BC, the role of Taluqdars in 1857 were very easy.

In Part C, long questions of 08 marks related to communal politics, Buddhism, Mughal nobles and household were easy but a bit time-consuming. Part D has source based questions on Colin Makenzie, salt tax and social rules which were too easy to be scored. In Part E, a map question on Buddhist identification site was tough, while the rest was easy and scoring.

Ths year, the first paper for Class 12th was of English, which went quite well. A total of 16,38,428 students had registered for class 10 exams and for class 12, a total of 11,86,306 students had registered.

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