It is a dream for almost every candidate who took Science (PCM) in 10+2 to qualify the Joint Entrance Exam (JEE) and become an engineer. But, the biggest dream is to be a part of IIT or NIT for which at least 75% in 10+2 and qualifying JEE Main+ JEE Advance (For IITs) is mandatory. Now, the matter of concern is that dates for both JEE Main and 10+2 exams are always in the same month. Exam for JEE Main April session is from April 7 to 20 2019 and the board exams are to end on March 25, 2019, and April 4, 2019, for ICSE and CBSE respectively.

The candiadtes who have applied for JEE Main 2019 April exam and the candiadtes who are planning to apply must focus on how to balance their JEE Main and board preparations. As per the reports, 11,09,250 candiadtes registered for JEE Main January session and every year approx more than 11,80,000 candiadtes take 10+2 exams. As we see almost 90% of the candidates from PCM do take JEE Main. How can you balance both these exams,  and score well?

Is it easy to balance Board Exams and JEE Main Preparation?

Yes, it is an easy task if you do not panic or stress over both. As we know the syllabus for both JEE main and 10+2 is the same therefore it is easy if you have your basics clear. If you see some of the previous JEE Main analysis most of the questions are from class 11th.

However, in class 12th board exams questions are concentrated from class 12th syllabus only. Here lies the difference. For JEE Main you will have to cover both class 11th and 12th syllabus. Let us look forward on how to actually balance both JEE Main 2019 and Board exams.

5 Steps to balance JEE Main and Board Exams

Tip #1: The very first thing you should do to balance both these exams every day is to solve at least 50 to 100 MCQs form PCM and also revise at least one subject from PCM as per your school or coaching.

Tip #2: Make a time table for days when you have a holiday also when you have school as well as coaching and days when you have school but no coaching or vice versa. Mark hours for self-study accordingly as it is important to revise.

Tip #3: Do take out time for class 11th revision at least 1 hour every day so that you can revise important topics from class 11th NCERT. This you can start when you are 80% done with your board’s preparation.

Tip #4: Practice is the key, keep practicing formula-based questions as it will help you in both the exams JEE Main mostly has formula-based questions whereas there are many questions in boards where you have to derive these formulae.

Tip #5: JEE Main Mock test, when we had a conversation with JEE Main toppers most of them told us that at the end of their preparations they took a lot of Mock tests. It actually helped them build confidence.

JEE Main 2019

As we all now that JEE Mains will be biannual from 2019 onwards and that the first session is already conducted by NTA in January 2019. A lot of candidates this year is to take advantage of JEE Main that is conducted for a second time in April 2019.

The first session that was conducted in January was a practice for many and for many it was a boon as they have already qualified the entrance test. Now, the best part is the even the candidates who qualified the January session can improve their score by taking the April session of JEE Main 2019. Also, in case they are not able to score well, it won’t harm them and the best of two will be considered by NTA. The last date to apply for JEE Main April session 2019 is March 8, 2019.

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