University Status for St Xavier’s, Jai Hind, Ruia – Colleges such as St Xavier’s, Jain Hind and Ruia which are autonomous may soon gain University Status. This will allow them to grant degrees and function individually. The Central government’s Rashtriya Uchchatar Shikshan Abhiyaan (RUSA) has proposed some of the A Grade in NAAC, deemed as prominent colleges of the state to seek University Status if they wish to. RUSA will help facilitate the process granted by the University Grants Commission.The colleges are considering the offer.

A mail sent by the state’s RUSA cell was received by the colleges who wish to seek more clarity on the funding modal. They believe the move will definitely give them more autonomy to design courses, raise funds and participate in global ranking systems. But before that, there is a need to understand the whole offer, if there are any infrastructural needs to fulfill in order to attain the status.

Autonomy should not be confused with loss of governmental funds. Only the new programmes they want to offer will be based on a self-financing model while the existing can continue. The new status will help the colleges to attain freedom to generate resources and recruit faculty. Also to collaborate with universities abroad which could help in driving high the reputation of the college. This will promote higher education and teaching quality.

Though student concerns are different than that of the colleges. Such autonomy can affect the students directly. One of the main subject here for concern is the fee structure. The autonomy could empower the colleges to hike fee without any regulation. Hence there is a need to understand and study all the concerns carefully before accepting the offer.

The University Grants Commission (UGC) was established in 1956. It is a statutory body of the Government of India through an Act of Parliament. Being the only grant-giving agency in India which has been provided with the responsibility of funding and that of coordination, determination, and maintenance of standards in institutions of higher education. It serves as an important link between the Union and the state government and advising them measures for improvement of higher education.