Soon the Hostels of the the top 20 education institutions are going to get transformed for good. The hostels will get a makeover to support the Government’s study in India initiative and attract more foreign students.

Hostels of even the top education institutions are not having up to the mark hostels to attract the students from abroad. The lack of some crucial facilities such as better food choices is one of the biggest hindrance. This hindrance is not letting the mission of Union human resource development (HRD) to raise the number of foreign students in Indian Institutions to succeed. The goal is to increase the number of foreign students to at least 0.2 million by 2023

When it comes to attracting the foreign students, factors such as superior accommodation, better campuses, better food and more are given due importance. For this purpose, the HRD has recieved funds of about 779 crores. The amount has been decided to be spent upon creation of “International Student Centres”. The amount left thereafter would be spent upon scholarships.

What are HRD’s plans for foreign students?

As studies through experiences, HRD has acknowledged the preferences of foreign students when it comes to choosing the right college for them. As per the foreign outlook, some facilities are much expected from the hostels in the Indian educational institutions.

Foreign candidates, as they look for the perfect institution, look for – Good quality hostel rooms, cultural and facilitation entres, availability of International cuisine, facilities for self-cooking, gymnasiums etc. HRD is making all the possible efforts to meet their expectations

“It is important as these students are expected to be the brand ambassadors for the country and its institutions once they go back.” – Officials of HRD.

As an important step towards the goal of increasing the number of foreign students, the HRD is looking forward to providing modern amenities at the hostels. The facilities are going to be provided to at least 20 top education institutions.

The ideally planned hostel room will have all the modern amenities. Attached bathrooms, Gymnasium, the taste of foreign cuisine and also, facility to self-cook. The policy think tank of India, NITI Aayog has already decided the guidelines to build up these centers – HRD Official’s said.

A funding amount of Rs 10 Cr is decided by the government. Although, initially only the hostels of top 20 Edu-Institutions are being revamped; the govt plans to open its arms for more. The institutions having 100 international students and the sustatial potential to attract more will be considered for further development – Official added.

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