Prakash Javadekar, a month before, had made an announcement that National Testing agency will conduct NEET from 2019 onwards, twice a year and in online mode only. However now, the Health Ministry is claiming some major drawback of this decision. As per various newspaper reports, it is also being said that the Ministry of Health has written a letter to MHRD about how the public announcement on the NEET being conducted in CBT mode was made “without formal consultation” with them. Thus, now MHRD might reconsider the decision of NEET 2019 conduct.

As per the reports, there are 8 major problems highlighted in the letter by Health Ministry to MHRD. One of the major problems is that if the Computer Based Test (CBT) is implied, then rural and economically poor families will be at a disadvantage.

The Health Ministry also fears that if NTA would conduct exam in February and May, this would mean a continuous period of 4-5 months of exams for the class 12 students as, during the February-March period, class 12 students also appear in the Board exams. This may add to the pressure on students.

Health Ministry fears that NTA conducting NEET in online mode will be unfair to the economically backward students and the NTA proposed NEET calendar will add to extra pressure on the class 12 students.

Now that Health Ministry disagrees with MHRD’s decision, a meeting was held between officers of the Health and HRD ministries, suggests the newspapers reports. After which the decision to maintain the status quo, only for the NEET, till 2019, has been made.

Thus, until at least 2019, NEET might continue in Pen and Paper mode only. In addition to that, newspaper report also claims that CBSE and not National Testing Agency (NTA) will conduct NEET in 2019. Also, NEET might remain an annual entrance examination, which means in 2019, NEET will be conducted once.

Summarising, we can now say that the decision of conducting NEET 2019 by NTA, twice a year and in CBT mode remains unclear. If the Ministry of Health’s concerns are taken into consideration by MHRD then, NEET 2019 will be conducted once a year, in pen and paper mode and by CBSE.

Students are advised to not worry about the mode and time of conduction of the examination. The NEET 2019 syllabus is the same. Also, no changes will be made in the exam pattern and eligibility. Thus, the preparations must go on without any hindrances. Until any final notice or official announcement of NEET 2019 – Stay prepared for the exam in the best possible manner.

Do you think the Ministry of Health’s concerns are legit? What do you think the mode of conduction of national entrance examinations like NEET and JEE Main should be? Should these exams be bi-annual? Do let us know your opinions in the comment section below. Stay tuned with AglaSem news for more!


  1. In my opinion, NEET twice in a year is good for students and specially for repeaters. Its may be very easy for govt. to change their decisions time to time but its very difficult for students to change their whole schedule or to accept new things. So I kindly request to our govt. that they think once again on their decisions. NEET exam must be conducted twice a year either it may be offline or CBT.

  2. Neet must be conducted twice in a year.because the students were happy until now that neet will be conducted twice in a year and even parents too, suddenly if the decision was changed then students can feel pressure and might lost hopes on getting free seat in neet.poor people can be trained with in a month regarding online mode .but we can’t wait for one year for getting seat in please conduct neet twice a year

  3. Neet will conduct twice in year
    &12 the students can attend it on 2nd time in may. plz it is a request neet will conduct twice in year

  4. If the NEET is conducted twice in a year will there be admissions also happening twice a year?.It will be helpful only for the repeaters to attempt twice and not much for the freshers.I personally feel it should be conducted twice but should be useful for both freshers and repeaters.

  5. It would be better to held neet twice a year by cbse which will increase the chances of selection but it should be held in paper and pen mode so that it do not influence the students of poor background

  6. “The Ministry of Health has written a letter to MHRD about how the public announcement on the NEET being conducted in CBT mode was made “without formal consultation” with them..??which ever Ministry Mr.Javdekar handles there is always this kind of approach?This shows there is no inter-ministerial coordination before its made public!Its highly irresponsible act.Its a good idea twice to be conducted but in pen and paper mode and let CBSE conduct it.The 8 points raised our valid.The process of result ,counselling itself takes more than 5 months and students join very late looking to that its a good decision.Looking to the needs of the people we need more doctors as on every 2000 persons only 1doctor is there so government must open new colleges too.

  7. Neet should be twice a year , it is help to students because many time many student can not perform well in exam due to some reasons , so they gate more chance to perform well. no matter what the mode is. also both mode available is better. ( i.e whatever student want – CBT or pen paper).

  8. Hi! In India only, NEET is really a mockery. Before the decision was taken by MHRD, these problems should have been considered. Once you start something new, some problems always come in front of you. So i think NEET must be conducted twice a year and of course in CBT mode. Now the students are getting prepared for FEB NEET and in CBT mode. The coaching centres have also changed their Exam pattern. It is injustice to the students to go back in pen paper mode and also once a year. we all welcome the better oppportunity, even better for rural and poor people also to conduct NEET twice a year and in CBT mode from 2019. Please conduct NEET twice a year in CBT mode. If you don’t agree , at least both mode of exam , CBT and pen paper should be considered.

  9. if one is prepared then no pressure works..all nuisance .. must be conducted twice a year only whether offline or online , not a big issue

  10. Decision of the Govt. as well freequilness of the Edn. minister trench into pitch for the repeaters those who have lost one year education as they have an rays of light for their carrears if the neet exam-2019 will be held twice and their future might bright for better achievement. The Government creates maoistism amongst the repeaters as well those who dedires to become a doctor and serve their life for the mankind. The freshers may be prepared neet examinations after their Board exam, but the repeaters what can they do? The Prime Minister Sj. Modiji may be kindhearted for the repeaters those who have already lost one year of education and His Supremo-Decisions may be solicited in this regard.

  11. Neet must conduct twice in a year. But they can conduct paper and pencil mode each time of exam. Instead of many dates which confusing students.

  12. Online mode by NTA raised hopes of honesty. But the plea of poor and economic backwardness appears fake in the age of Digital India.

  13. Online mode of exam raised hopes of honesty . The plea of economic backwardness in the era of Digital India when every fellow has a mobile with net appears fake.

  14. plz dont change the pattren of NTA it is good only. and we r happy with that. neet must conduct twice a year whether it may online or offline.

  15. NEET must go on twice a year from 2019 itself either CBT or offline …ministry should realize the pressure and feelings of aspirants..all the best.

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