On August 21, 2018, a historical decision might be made. As per the newspaper reports the idea of scrapping JEE Advanced examination is to be discussed at the IIT council meeting scheduled on August 21, 2018. Along with taking down JEE Advanced exam, there are also talks on scrapping the IIT flagship B.Tech courses and converting IITs into high-end institutes that offer post-graduate education and only certain semesters of teaching to nearly 80,000 students a year instead of the current 10,000 plus. However, how much is this idea feasible is yet not clear, this will be only possible after the IIT council meeting.

This idea has come from some eminent faculty members of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). This idea is aimed at checking the multi-million IIT coaching industry and to take IIT-level teaching to more students, as per various reports.

Qualifying JEE Advanced and taking admission in IIT B.Tech courses are considered almost a sacred deal. However, puts a bit of more pressure on some candidates. Thus, the idea further suggests that admission in IIt can be based on JEE Main scores only. The top candidates of JEE Main can be admitted to the IITs without any further tests or interviews. Also, the idea adds that the JEE main results should classify all candidates into 10 groups based on marks range with all students in one range (say 80%-90%) treated as equal.

IITs are basically working towards transforming themselves into high-end education provider of the nation and this idea is in that regard. Now, as per this idea, the B.tech programme at IITs is to be changed with one semester IIT experience.

Admission to this semester-long experience into IITs will be for the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th semesters of the B Tech programme (i.e., for the third and fourth year) and will be based on the performance in an examination based on NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning).

Students will enroll in this one semester IIT experience, will get degrees issued by their universities which explicitly mention the IIT semester experience. Such students will also get a preferential admission into IITs to do an M.Tech degree, given that they complete their bachelor’s degree with high marks.

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  1. as a student i am really saying that we are not getting any pressure of study but we are enjoying study by learning concrpt and these study makes different from other student but if yo scrap jee advanced then it really hurts the curoisity among student please please don’ do these . these standered examination only makes us diffrent from other students . we really get dissapointed if any student not studying but getting seat in such a prestigious college.

    • Yes . Doing away with jee advanced or btech will leave the level of IIT degraded
      Indian education will see the worst drought of knowledge, discipline,devotion,commitment and hard work ever. Very bad idea. Government must reject it . otherwise our education system will be ruined .

  2. Firstly I think scrapping jee advance is not a great idea …secondly if you really want to change and improve the education system first remove the categories like ST SC OBCs etc from the seat selection of IITs because there are many students enough capable to go into top IITs but miss their chance due to category students and more surprisingly the students of special categories have scored less in the exam from the student of general category and gets a good IIT from the general category candidate which is injustice with students like me …..Also by only scoring well in JEE main would also reduce the level of good questions which come through JEE advance… So i think the decision to remove jee advance if taken would not be a great idea

    • Atul I do agree on your aspect because I am also in category and I have seen many students enjoying reservations and getting a better college with lesser marks than my seniors.

  3. This is the worst idea EVER. First rserve seats on basis of ST,SC etc. Then scrapp off JEE ADVANCE and finally increase the number of students. And so after doing all this shit u expect to give quality education to students. I mean REALLY? Then Why would a student would aim for iit if it has got no standard, and no difficulties. Advance is known for its toughness. That’s why people qualifing advance are respected everrywhere. U guys really think that after this stupidity, companies would take interest in your so called iitians.
    Quality education should be given only to those students who have potential of aquiring such education. I really dont think that 80000 students deserve that kind of education as that of iits. This will be the BIGGEST blunder of this century. I can just hope that u dont do such INJUSTICE to students who work day and night to qualify advance and get jobs in companies which can value their hard work with a nice amount of salary. This is not some joke. Dont PLAY with our future.

  4. whenever changes happen people scuffle in spite welcome the new structure, we feel such changes are going to happen by keeping following things in mind.

    01. Children should go schools regularly
    02. Do not run for Branded Coaching center
    03. from Rural to Urban every child will get fair chance
    04. most important our education system will get improved when these branded coaching center
    will get inactive.
    05. Presently education becomes business , this need to think seriously

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