On August 21, 2018, a historical decision might be made. As per the newspaper reports the idea of scrapping JEE Advanced examination is to be discussed at the IIT council meeting scheduled on August 21, 2018. Along with taking down JEE Advanced exam, there are also talks on scrapping the IIT flagship B.Tech courses and converting IITs into high-end institutes that offer post-graduate education and only certain semesters of teaching to nearly 80,000 students a year instead of the current 10,000 plus. However, how much is this idea feasible is yet not clear, this will be only possible after the IIT council meeting.

This idea has come from some eminent faculty members of the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT). This idea is aimed at checking the multi-million IIT coaching industry and to take IIT-level teaching to more students, as per various reports.

Qualifying JEE Advanced and taking admission in IIT B.Tech courses are considered almost a sacred deal. However, puts a bit of more pressure on some candidates. Thus, the idea further suggests that admission in IIt can be based on JEE Main scores only. The top candidates of JEE Main can be admitted to the IITs without any further tests or interviews. Also, the idea adds that the JEE main results should classify all candidates into 10 groups based on marks range with all students in one range (say 80%-90%) treated as equal.

IITs are basically working towards transforming themselves into high-end education provider of the nation and this idea is in that regard. Now, as per this idea, the B.tech programme at IITs is to be changed with one semester IIT experience.

Admission to this semester-long experience into IITs will be for the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th semesters of the B Tech programme (i.e., for the third and fourth year) and will be based on the performance in an examination based on NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning).

Students will enroll in this one semester IIT experience, will get degrees issued by their universities which explicitly mention the IIT semester experience. Such students will also get a preferential admission into IITs to do an M.Tech degree, given that they complete their bachelor’s degree with high marks.

What are your opinions – Is this idea feasible? Let us know what are your thoughts on this in the comment section below.


  1. It is a very bad idea. Please jee advanced must not be removed.
    It will snatch our dream of pursuing Btech courses in IIT.
    It will crush our goals and will really hurt the students struggling for two years for the Her exam. Scraping jee advanced will degrade the engineering education in our country. Then forget about good engineers in India. Please don’t snatch this very very precious opportunity from us. We really want to give Jee advanced.

  2. Dumb people just think about it if advance model is removed then it’s pretty obvious that mains model will be tough

  3. I agree with Shreyas .
    Jee advanced exam is necessary to
    maintain a level and quality of
    education. Scraping it off will injustice to the deserving candidates.

  4. Continue with JEE advance will only help the coaching business. It is really very good idea to give away with JEE advance to make the students more creative and sensitive. The shortcuts​, unfundamental new formulas and similar things taught in these coaching don’t help to increase fundamental knowledge and not useful for further study in IITs and it only make students like machines​ and their behavior becomes to only earn money and their machining attitude don’t have any feelings for society, their parents, thier family etc. We are having limited seats for IITs and purpose of any entrance exam is to select the most talented students for top institutes. So this object can be obtained by little change in JEE mains.
    I am 101% sure that conducting only one exam for IITs, NITs etc will reduce the pressure on the all students, their parent and the cases of sucide by students will reduce to great extent. And this will help them to ease in their post family life.

  5. even i think that taking away jee advanced exam is really a very bad idea it not only crushes the dream of many students but also reduces the quality of education . that too IIT is considered as one of the prestigious institute in india . lacks of students wants to do their B.TECH in IIT soo plz keep jee advanced

  6. This proposal of scraping advanced is good ” for nothing”. This is going to ruin the whole standard of engineering education. No one can gain essential knowledge in just one semester without using the infrastructure for complete four years. Please don’t play with the future of deserving students by proposing such ideas of scraping jee advanced.

  7. Hats off to those 12 years old iitians 😂 who think it’ll degrade the value of an IIT 😂 also to those who is thinking NPTEL is gonna be easy Af 😂😂😂 C’mon people you’re better than this 😂 it is good cause you now get into an IIT cause you deserve it (Google what the heck is NPTEL if you don’t get it) and learning skills is good for every engineer instead of doing some mathematics problems and qualifying JEE mains.
    Note the value is gonna increase if the deserved one’s get into 😉 maybe you don’t deserve it!
    Also Don’t brag about reservation I’m OC (tier 3 college bdw) and I don’t really care what competition is when it comes to programming for portion 😉
    Also to those wanna be’s jus get into a nit and live a corporate lifestyle 😉

  8. This is one of the only good things our government is doing in the educational system,

  9. Ruining the education system.. this is injustice with deserving candidates.. giving donkeys experience of iit is of no use.. the one who deserves qualifies advanced..

  10. Instead of scrapping JEE Advanced, I feel the govt. should directly declare coaching institutes to be illegal and also issue reservations to marginalized groups in a more sensible way (instead of giving preference to them in exams, let the govt. give them suitable support based on their financial condition).

    Let the students prove their calibre through their own hard work, instead of learning useless “shortcuts” in coaching institutes (which ultimately degrades the entire idea of education). I think childhood would definitely be restored in such a process.

    But, irrespective of any situation, India will only produce good-quality engineers and not actual contributors to science and technology (unless the whole education system is radicalized and changed). Food for thought…

  11. I don’t think that JEE Advanced should be scrapped. Instead, I feel that the govt. should directly declare coaching institutes to be illegal and issue reservations to marginalized groups in a more sensible manner (Instead of giving them preference in exams, let the govt. lend suitable monetary support to them based on their financial condition).

    Students should prove their calibre through their own hard work, not through memorizing useless “shortcuts” given by coaching institutes (which ultimately degrades the entire idea of education). Childhood would definitely be preserved in such a situation.

    But I digress. Irrespective of any situation, India will only produce good-quality engineers, not actual contributors to science and technology (unless the whole education system is radicalized and changed). Food for thought…

  12. Hahaha…what a rubbish idea…At least think of reservation instead of this idiotic ideas.Competition cannot be removed from the world. plz dont challenge Darwin’s theory now !!!

  13. JEE advance should be scrapped off. Many students are working so hard sacrificing their everything. And so Many times students who score more have lesser abilities than other students…
    Scrap JEE advance and stop analysing the score, start analysing the talents

  14. Government is making Joke of Quality education system in India, may be children of politicians are not able to crack the JEE Advance and getting admissions into IITs so they want to dismantle the JEE Advanced exam, doing away with the flagship B Tech courses at IITs.Today IITs are producing top quality engineers by giving world’s toughest exam IIT Advance ,IIts are ruling worldwide If trend continues all top companies of the world will be governed by Indians.If they really want to upgrade education and help all students , first step they should take should be removing reservation of all categories. Instead of removing Btech and allowing 80000 students to get one semester in IIT,, Quality of all engineering colleges must be improved without touching Prestigious IITs. And why So much hype is given to IITs only , why every parent wants their child to become engineer even if they dont deserve. why not we focus on Medical , arts ,literature , cinema , sports and so many other good subjects are there , why not top brains going in medicals where a lot of research yet to be done , even after 100s of years we can not treat cancer like illness ,why we have glamourise only IITs .We have to uplift whole education system from school level. why not government learning from delhi AAP government how to improve the whole country’s education system.What kejriwal did in delhi is as follows : AAP (Aam Aadmi Party) government has really transformed schools education system in Delhi by their multiple efforts. You can see this transformation by looking at the efforts of AAP government and positive outcomes of those efforts in Delhi government schools, as government schools are now performing better than private schools. In 2017, 372 students of Delhi goverment schools qualified in IIT JEE Mains against 40–50 students in 2016. It’s over 700% rise.WHOLE INDIA MUST LEARN FROM Kejriwal (Delhi AAP Govenrment )how to improve our system so that our future of India is secured.

  15. I think that jee advance should not be scrapped. It is the only prestigious exam in science engineering field. And only deserving candidate should go to iit

  16. JEE (Advanced) is very necessary to maintain the merit level of the country. And if it is suddenly scrapped in the middle of the year, the what will happen to the students who are preparing for atleast 2 years for JEE(ADVANCED) and will be giving JEE in after 7 months i.e., in 2019? Is sudden scrapping of IIT-JEE in the middle of the year, a joke with the 2019 aspirants or not?

  17. In India IIT only the best quality education. It is only possible when students studies for full term i.e. 4 years. If it reduced to 6 months quality drastically reduced. Please don’t go for this experiment. If possible Convert all NITS in to IITS and maintain good quality education.

  18. Please Don’t scrap jee advanced
    It’s my life dream to crack this exam please 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 🙏 ww

  19. yeah both are good both have advantages and disadvantages.like if we consider iit jee advanced examination it will extract the cream of the students and selectively it will provide a better future by education and personality developement but whereas this proposal of the post graduation is making
    to improve the creative skills and as we as per b.tech quartenary annual estimation nearly a student costs around of 25-35 lakhs on his education which is beared by the government.and after yet none of the iitan is coming ahead to take apart of employement in the government sector creating the loses of the expectation and the technological developemnt so better of the both is the second one removal of the jee advanced exam and removal of b.tech courses ideas the best option of the national developement and the creativity so it would also reduce the mental stress for every student and make to think the student physically and with social sense. hoping to respond to our reply.

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