There have been talks on doing away with the B.Tech programmes at the IITs. Instead of the 8 semesters long B.Tech courses, there are chances that the first year will be for providing IIT experience and thereafter there will be admissions in the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th semesters of the B.Tech programme (i.e. for the third and fourth year). Now, this IIT experience might come at a worth of Rs. 2 lakhs. Which means, to enroll in the year-long IIT experience candidates have to pay a sum of Rs. 2 lakh. However, there will be special scholarships available for the reserved categories.

The proposal which will be put into the table of the IIT Council meeting on August 21, 2018, contains the idea of doing away with the IIT flagship programme i.e. B.Tech and converting the institutes into high-end institutes that offer post-graduate education and only certain semesters of teaching to nearly 80,000 students a year instead of the current 10,000 plus.

Some other aspects of the proposals suggest that admission to this semester-long experience into IITs will be for the 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th semesters of the B.Tech programme (i.e. for the third and fourth year) and will be based on the performance in an examination based on NPTEL (National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning).

Students who will enroll in this IIT experience will get degrees issued by their universities which will mention the IIT semester experience. In addition to that, these students will also get preference during the PG admissions in the IITs, given that they fulfill the eligibility norms.

The amount, which has been disclosed as per some newspaper reports, that the candidates need to pay to enroll in this year-long IIT experience is Rs. 2 Lakhs and will come with the facilities like bank loans without collateral. Also, there will be special scholarships available for the reserved category candidates.

There are various proposals that are to be discussed at the IIT council meeting. One of them suggests scrapping of the JEE Advanced examination for IIT admission. Instead of holding 2 exams for admission JEE Main and then JEE Advanced, there are suggestions to make JEE Main the only criteria for admission at the IITs. The top bucket of the JEE Main qualified candidates will be able to take admission at the IITs without any further round of interviews or tests. Also, the rankings in JEE Main to be abolished to keep up the morale among the students.

All the above proposals are mere ideas at this stage. IIT council which is the top decision-making body for the IITs will discuss these ideas in detail in the upcoming meeting. Thereafter ant comments will be made officially. Right now there are no comments as per the newspaper reports on the feasibility of these ideas, however, ideas are up for discussion.

2019, clearly is the year of changes for the higher education in India. Now, if the decision on taking down JEE Advanced and B.Tech courses at the IITs turn out to be a “yes”, then a huge change in engineering education might be on the way in the coming future.

Do find the proposal of IIT experience and taking down B.Tech programme from the IITs promising? Or do you think there can be a better structure? Do let us know your views on this in the comment section below.


  1. Its ridiculous.The only institute of some reputation internationally will also be not available for UG students.What is the need gor this.

  2. It will really be great…..for students who are very good but not exceptional….it is kind of a lifelibe for becoming the best engineers. ….just an adv exam cannot decide whether u will be a better engineer or not…..

  3. It’s not practical.but real issue is whether any class 12th bright student score top ranks without help of rigorous coaching?Answer is definitely negative.If HRD ministry really wishing for equal opportunity to all they have to think about difficulty level.

  4. If any one think that quantity is better option instead of quality ,than he must look at state of locale engineering institution,they are nowhere near to quality and standard if IITS.
    Further doing away with highly successful btech programme without providing for equivalent set up is suicidal .

  5. This is a wrong proposal .What about the morale of those students who are working hard from the beginning.Moreover if this is just to curb private coaching institutes then why the level of paper is so high and beyond NCERT level.U are ruining the education system and forcing students to leave the country

  6. The above decision will cause many will dilute quality of iits.i think decision is going to take only for earning of money by government.basic aim is not will affect quality of engineering education.the decision should not apply.

  7. Idea of Scraping in IITS is worst and a foolish decession.Need to think 100 times wisely before such worst idea put into action.

  8. So now poor kids again have to grill themselves for the next exam….NPTEL….Coaching institutes will start providing coaching for this exam now….

  9. Worst idea ever conceived. Once again they talk about another exam after the second year to enter the 5th semester at IIT. Will there not be coaching for it. Their problem is coaching institutes that are earning. Why they should not earn if they are providing quality teaching to the students. School teachers are pathetically poor in anlytical approach. Further it would render 1000s of high end teachers jobless. There are better things to do than to concentrate on stupidities like this.

  10. This is a very dumb idea. Success in competitive exams are less dependent on coaching institutes.
    Believe it or not. Anyone can check this by success ratio of any to institutes. The success is very mostly dependent on hardwork of the student and nothing else. You should not blame coaching industry for that. No other engineering institutes produce that quality of graduates that IITs produce and you are scraping the B.TECH programmes.

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