IIT Kharagpur organises the annual techno – management symposium every year. To take part in Kshitij 2019, candidates need to register first. This is the 16th edition which is going to take place. This year, it will be held from January 18 – 20, 2019. Kshitij has witnessed a huge number of students participating in this fest. Last year, 60,000 students took part in this fest making it the largest fest of Asia in the field of Techno – Management.

A noteworthy thing Kshitij offers is that it gives the opportunity to students to win the prizes worth 45 Lakhs. Kshitij has its secured supporters which provide encouragement, financial aid to the organization as in this case, IIT Kharagpur. The name of such patronages from different oraganizations are UNESCO, SAYEN and CEE. The fest consists of 30 events which are further divided across 10 genres which includes online, submission events and on the spot events.

These important events were certified by famous organisations like IEEE, IMechE, ASME etc. The fest consists of flagship events like robowars, embetronix, business plan events so forth and so on. Now, the students who want to participate can have relief as there is no registration fee for its registration. Students can straightway register themselves on the official website of www.ktj.in. In conclusion, the registration for participating in any of the events is non – chargeable.

Some of the events that might take place this year are Genesis, Gamefest, Quizzard, Robotics, Mechanize, Tech-4 -Fun. If we talk about the other events, then Kshitij also hosts workshops, guest lectures and some megashows. The workshops are conducted by ORACLE, IBM, Microsoft, Mahindra and Mahindra, Nvidia etc. Some of the workshops in previous fest included DevOps by Oracle, Quant Finance by Worldquant, Human like Al by Microsoft. Kshitij breaks the barriers of technological advancement and acts as a perfect stage to showcase the advances in the technological field through its vibrant exhibitions like Robotic Band from Japan, 3D Mapping Drone from India.

Kshitij takes itself a notch higher by providing guest lectures series every year. Some of the lecturers which came last year in order to share their experiences and opinions were Dr. Vasudev Kalkunte Aatre (Indian Scientist and former head of DRDO); Dr. Janos Pach (Mathematician and Computer Scientist); Dr. Rajendra Singh (Water Conservationist winner pf Stockholm Winner Prize).

As it is known that there is a particular highlight of the whole fest, that highlight of Kshitij its arrangement of Megashows . The megashows which took place last year were EDM Night, Standup Night where Anirban Das Gupta came and there was a performance by Naalayak – The Band.

So, again it is the time to buckle yourself up and start preparing for the exquisite events that are going to happen in Kshitij 2019. Polish your wits because the events would require the most of the student’s intelligence and the competition might get challenging as the aura suggests.

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