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Last year, our celebrities gave us major #WeddingGoals with their extravagant wedding affairs. Between the cultural connections of Nicyanka, the destination wedding of DeepVeer, and the choreographed performances of the Ambani tribe – last few weddings gave us too much to evaluate the Indian wedding industry.

The wedding industry in India, and globally, is a recession-proof and resilient industry with the organizers leaving no stone unturned to awestruck their clients. Globally, Indian marriages are pegged at 3000-5000 crore, growing at a pace of over 40 percent annually. Be it a high-class wedding or an exclusive affair; this segment means business.

Right from the expensive venues, Broadway-like sangeets, A-guest listers, designer clothes, blinding dazzle of precious jewellery – the big fat Indian wedding became bigger and thicker with each passing year. After all, Indians and marriages are synonyms with each other and the wedding season is hard to ignore. In between all these evaluations and booming industry setup, let us throw some light on how you can enter this humongous and larger than life industry.

Attain a professional training or a professional program

Many people might tell you that a professional qualification or a degree is not necessary to enter this industry. However, to get a basic understanding of the functioning of this system, you need to have a professional program. There are various colleges which have now started offering certificate courses in ‘Wedding Planning’. One such college is Pearl Academy.The institute provides a weekend certificate course in wedding planning for all those people who cannot attend regular classes and are stuck up in their jobs.

Get the experience of the real world

Once you have completed the professional program, you will have to obtain some amount of experience.  A program in wedding planning can familiarise you with the fundamentals you need to enter the field. However, hands-on experience is required to put those concepts into daily practice. Find a mentor and start assisting him in his work. This will help you to gauge and see the reality of the business, thereby helping you with your entrepreneur set up. Working under someone initially will also help you in networking with more and more industry relevant people.

Have a business plan in mind and choose your niche

One thing which might push you behind is the repetitive style of work. Because the industry has no shortage of wedding planners, you have to choose the area of specialisation. Choosing a niche can help professionals stand out and increase their expertise in a specific area. Some niche categories that professionals can pursue include destination, same-sex, and day-of wedding planning.

Build Relationships

Invest your time in developing and forming contacts with other wedding planners and big influential people from the industry.  This will help you in getting in touch with the vendors who are the star performers in the industry and will be worth referring to your clients for weddings.

If you also believe that marriages are made by wedding planners and not necessarily in heaven, then you know the drill. Apply for the wedding planning course at Pearl Academy. The academy offers a certificate course in Wedding Planning which aims to equip students with the skills required to become a key industry player and a future-ready wedding planner.

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  1. GREAT article on Indian Wedding planning. Indian Weddings have so many moving parts. It’s so important to have a professional taking care of the needs of the client so they can focus on what’s really important, enjoying the company of family friends and especially the ceremony.

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