he students looking forward to admission in DY Patil Medical College, Pune will be glad to know that the university has revised the fee structure of first year MBBS for the academic year 2018-19. DPU has reduced MBBS tuition fee by 4 lakhs. The university has even reduced the eligibility fees by 60,000/- (sixty thousand).

The revised fees of DY Patil Medical College for undergraduate medical program courses are as following: tuition fees after the modification are Rs. 22,00,000/- (twenty-two lakh only), the eligibility fees will be Rs. 3,30,000/- (three lakhs thirty thousand only). There is no change in the hostel fee it will remain the same as Rs. 2,05,500/- (two lakh five thousand five hundred only).

Earlier the fees structure of the university was: tuition fee was Rs. 26,00,000/- (twenty six lakhs only), which was four lakh more than the revised fees proposed. The eligibility fee was Rs.3,90,000/- (three lakhs ninety thousand only) which has reduced by sixty thousand. And the hostel fee was rs.2,05,500/- (two lakh five thousand five hundred only).

The admission procedure in DY Patil Medical College for MBBS course is based on merit list determined by the performance of the students in National Eligibility cum Entrance Test (NEET).

National Testing Agency (NTA) will conduct the NEET exam from 2019 onwards. NEET 2019 will be conducted twice a year. NTA will conduct neet exam only in computer-based mode but not online. As per the reports, there shall be no change in the exam syllabus, exam pattern and application fee.

DY Patil Medical College, hospital and research centre, Pimpri, Pune was established in 1996. This is the first college to receive MCI approval to increase the intake capacity of MBBS courses from 100 to 150 students in 2003 and 150 to 250 in 2012. The MBBS programme offered at the college is recognized by the Malaysian government and Malaysian medical council.


  1. Plz don’t misguide students. These medical institutions fees are already hiked to an extent that even if they reduce it to half 50%, it is not a great deal. Remember a meritorious student from a middle class Families can’t afford this.

    Instead praising for this, author should criticize for their arbitrary manmani fee.

  2. Fee has been decreased but still the fee is too high in comparison to government medical college.. And the title is confusing it look like the fee has been decreased by a large amount but even after decreasing the annual fee is too high… Which most of the students can’t pay. Even after scoring a much good marks

  3. If each private MBBS colleges decreases the fee at very too much level then such private MBBS colleges willgrt close in next year ,and if all such private colleges get closed then think how much government colleges will be in the country to give MBBS admission and there is no subsidy given by government to the private colleges then on what basis these private colleges lowers their fee in big amount

  4. StillD Y Patil is beyond reach by middle class meritorious students.My requests to auther to criticize the skied prices demanded by deemed medical colleges.In turn they will produce devil’s rather than doctors of repute

  5. True. It is not a big deal of reducing 4 lakhs. Even now the student has to pay a sum of RS 25, 60, 000 towards fee which is not reachable for a middle class family.

  6. Still using the word ONLY
    And govt shud look intosuch type of things but they are busy with NMC like fully flop things

  7. Mci give permission for such a high fee structure for the confirmation, having no control for seat allotment. The colleges are for rich so they can run there hospitals they only want degrees . Middle class going through heavy taxes but getting no facility for there wards. Such a shame for the govt. And mci policies thank.

  8. Its again misguide..majority colleges fees from 10 L. To 22 lacs….In Karnataka major colleges between 10 to 15 lacs only..

  9. It’s understood that these type of college target rich people to fill their pockets it’s definitely not the talent….God help the needy patients!!!!!!!

  10. What theGovt is going to do with doctors coming out of such Institutions Will they really serve the society Only rich people with low NEET score will join here

  11. This type of news is good for elite classes only and not for middle class meritorious students.

  12. simple arithmetic –
    Fees 22 lacs yearly for next 5 years = 110 lacs
    If education loan taken approx 75 lacs
    then every month EMI would be 80000/-
    Post mbbs the salary for working in any hospital for fresher is approx 40000/-
    So it means, even to pay this EMI they have to take the personal loan….!!!!!

  13. Is this a news? Even this Rs 22 lacs + fees is very high. These kind of fees suggest that the hospital is a poor earner and there are not many patient inflows. Hence they are keeping the fees high so as to subsidize the hospital maintenance expenditure. Against this, CMC Vellore has successful hospital. These subsidises the college expenditure. Hence they are charging very less for MBBS.

  14. Hey u both r right but instead of writting here u should write to the pmo app online which i have done so please do this so that if more and more people n students will write then it would be betterso please co operat

  15. Will you please specify the “true” reason of the well-wisher whoever has authorized to done this reduction in already declared fee structure .

  16. The author should be aware that a candidate from GMC can complete his entire MBBS course and MD too with the amount ₹400000+₹60000/- which is the amount reduced by this institute.
    Such institute are unable to get donations so this fee hike is covering the charges.
    You better know the truth and tell to people instead of misleading them

  17. Its true fees for mbbs is very high that students who score good marks cant get admission and students with low marks get admission .please think of General category student who score good marks but reserved category student get the seats and remaining seats are taken by those who can spend more. Please think again is this system of education fair.

  18. People ate talking about the high fees of MBBS for the local students only. Just think the plight of NRI students whose fees structure in these colleges are more than 35L+ . Indians authority thinks that NRI are money making trees where can pluck the dollars whenever they want. NRI students pass the NEET exams without the help of mugging machines coming out from the so called coaching centres like ellen, etc etc mushroomed all over the country. They compete with these muggers without adequate resources and still denied admissions in Government medical colleges and charged 3 times the normal local student fees in Pvt Medical colleges. Thinking that all NRI are filthy reach is absolute stupidly of the authorities
    Someone above commented that we should highlight it to PMO. I did number of times last year and it went to deaf ears.

  19. The govt must intervene on the issue relating to such high fee charged by the Medical college which is beyond the means of majority middle class

  20. Is this even a news?
    For middle class students this fees is too high plus unimaginable..And also what’s the use of getting into private collage with such a low Neet score.It will be better if we study hard,score good in Neet examination and get a better government collage.

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