Academically Weak Students of Class 5,8 to be Detained

The Department of State Education, Haryana has decided to detain the weak students of class 5 and 8 in the annual examinations. A few days ago, the Right to Education Act has been amended. So, according to the revised act, now, the states have been allowed to decide whether they want to promote the weak students of class 5 and 8 to the next level or not.

Earlier, the No Detention Policy was applied in every state. So that the schools could not fail any student of class 1 to class 8. The policy was introduced under RTE Act 2009. Now, recently, the Rajya Sabha has abandoned this policy and has passed the RTE amendment bill.

According to the department officials, the old policy of no detention was hampering the performances of the students. The idea of the detention policy will motivate the students and they will be inspired to perform better.

As per district elementary educational officer Prem Lata Yadav, they will detain the students if they would get less than 33% marks in the annual exams. As the solution, the students who will perform poorly will have to appear for another round of tests. Before the other rounds, the schools will also help the students. They will be given extra classes so that they can improve their scores. If they will obtain better marks then they will be promoted to the next level.

She again added that after all this, if the student will not perform better then the teachers and principals will also be equally responsible. So, they will have to ensure that the student focuses on studies and pass the exams.

The principals have not got the official letter regarding this. However, the annual exams are scheduled to be held in the month of March 2019. But it is expected that the official notice will be sent soon.

The fear of failing policy will motivate the students and will also fear them. So, it would be helpful in the career of the students. they will also learn to work hard. The Haryana School Teachers Union is also happy with the decision. So, the Deputy Vise-President of Haryana School Teachers Union that with the help of this policy we can make a better future for the students.

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