NEET 2018 was conducted on May 06, 2018. Shortly after the exam was conducted, many coaching institutes released unofficial answer key of NEET 2018. Through these answer keys, the candidates who have appeared for NEET 2018 could calculate the estimated marks from these unofficial answer keys.

However, these unofficial answer keys have always been a source of controversy. These unofficial answer keys which are, every year released by the coaching institutes contradict each other. One coaching institute will release the answer which is different from the answer by another coaching institute.

This difference in the answer key creates a lot of confusion amongst the aspirants who have put their heart and soul in the preparation of NEET exam. A state of chaos ensues that disheartens students. They start wondering whether these answer keys are actually right or not.

Also, if the aspirants feel that the answer key released by these coaching institutes are wrong, they cannot raise objections also. This also adds up to the confusion, since the candidate is unsure that which answer is correct: coaching institutes or theirs.

Then comes to the rescue: CBSE. CBSE is the conducting body of NEET exam. CBSE is Central Board of Secondary Education. It yearly conducts NEET exam for those aspirants who want to study medicine in the best medical colleges of India. NEET 2018 was conducted on May 06, 2018.

Shortly, the board will release the official answer key on its official website Along with the official answer key, CBSE will put up the OMR answer sheets of students as well. The board will release the model answer key by end of this month.

Students who have given the NEET exam will be allowed to challenge the model answer key released by CBSE. They have to submit valid proofs to the answers of the question which they want to challenge. These have to be submitted within the deadlines. Along with the proofs, they have to pay Rs 1000 as well for every question which they challenge.

The challenges which the students give to the board are looked upon by the subject experts. They take all the challenges and if the challenge is found to be correct, necessary changes are done in the answer key.

The final answer key will be released by CBSE after taking all the challenges into consideration. After the final answer key is released, students are not allowed to raise any challenges to it. Final answer key will make it clear that which questions were wrong, for which, candidates will get bonus marks. If there are wrong questions, then all test takers will get bonus marks for it. The NEET 2018 Result will be declared by June 5, 2018, according to the final answer key released by CBSE.

The release of the official answer key by CBSE will come as a huge relief for all those students who get confused with the answer key by the coaching institutes. CBSE conducts the NEET exam apart from other important entrance examination. The answer key released by CBSE is the official one.

Students rely on the official answer key of CBSE. Even the coaching institutes which release their own answer key, do wait for the official answer key since it is official and students are allowed to raise their challenges. If the challenges are accepted, the students might be entitled to the bonus marks as well. This is decided by CBSE only.

Also, since the results are declared on the basis of NEET 2018 official answer key, it automatically becomes important for the candidates. They can calculate their estimated score according to the NEET 2018 official answer key.

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