Political Science Syllabus for CBSE Class 12-min

Political Science is one of the core subjects for CBSE Class 12 students. Candidates who have chosen this subject can now download the syllabus. The pdf for the Political Science syllabus is available at cbse.nic.in. The students can download it through the tab “Examinations”. Under this tab, there are the links present for the syllabus and the curriculum. Click that link and the list of the syllabus will appear. Then hit the link of “Political Science” subject and then the syllabus will appear.

According to the Central Board of Secondary Education, The syllabus of Political Science contains the various parts and units. The syllabus is divided into two major parts i.e. Part- A and Part- B. The name of the first part is Contemporary World Politics and the second part is Politics in India since Independence. These parts are also subdivided into various units. In the Part-A, there are 9 units while the second part contains the other 9 units. In total, there are 18 units in the Political Science of class 12.

The names of the units from unit 1 to 18 are Cold War Era, The End of bipolarity, US Hegemony in World Politics, Alternative Centers of Power, Contemporary South Asia, International Organizations, Security in Contemporary World, Environment and Natural Resources, Globalisation, Challenges of Nation-Building, Era of One-party Dominance, Politics of Planned Development, India’s External Relations, Challenges to the Congress System, Crisis of the Democratic Order, Rise of Popular Movements, Regional aspirations, and Recent Developments in Indian Politics.

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Now, coming to the completion of the entire syllabus. So, the board has mentioned that in how many numbers of periods, the syllabus should be finished. In totality, the entire syllabus i.e. 18 units must be completed within 220 periods. The distribution of the periods has also been provided. Unit one should be completed within 14 periods, unit two and three in 13 periods, unit four 11 periods, unit five and six in 13 periods, unit seven, eight, nine in 11 periods, unit ten 13 periods, unit eleven 12 periods, unit twelve 11 periods, unit thirteen, fourteen, fifteen within 11 periods, unit sixteen, seventeen 11 periods, and unit eighteen should be done within 13 periods.

The Central Board of Secondary Education has also divided the marks for the various units. The distribution of the marks has been done. Unit one and two are of 14 marks, unit three, four, five 16 marks, unit six, seven 10 marks, unit eight, nine 10 marks, unit ten, eleven, twelve 16 marks, unit thirteen 6 marks, unit fourteen, fifteen 12 marks, units sixteen, seventeen, eighteen are having 16 marks.

In totality, there will be 50 marks questions from Part-A while Part- B, the marks will be the same. In this way, the total of 100 marks has been distributed.

According to the latest news, the CBSE Date Sheet 2019 is expected to be released in the month of December 2018. The exams will be held in the month of February and March 2019. CBSE will conduct the board exams for the vocational subjects then the core subjects’ exams will be held.

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