Business Studies Syllabus for CBSE Class 12

For the students who have opted the Business Studies for class 12, the Central Board of Secondary Education has released the syllabus. The pdf file for the BS subject is available at Candidates can download by clicking on the examinations tab. Then the sub link for the syllabus and curriculum.

According to the Business Studies syllabus released by the Central Board of Secondary Education, the entire syllabus is divided into two major sections. Now, these sections are subdivided into different parts. There are a total of three parts including project work. The name of the Part- A is Principles and Functions of Management, Part- B Business Finance and Marketing and Part- C is known as Project Work (One).

Now, these parts are divided into the various number of units. There are a total of eight units in Part- A while Part- B is having four units. So, overall, it has 12 units. The name of the units from one to twelve is Nature and Significance of Management, Principles of Management, Business Environment, Planning, Organising, Staffing, Directing, Controlling, Financial Management, Financial Markets, Marketing Management, and Consumer Protection.

The CBSE board has also provided the time duration and the teachers should complete the syllabus within the given time. For this, the board has mentioned the number of periods for each unit. So, the uni one and two should be finished within 14 periods, unit three 12 periods, unit four 14 periods, unit five 18 periods, unit six 16 periods, unit seven 18 periods, unit eight 14 periods, unit nine 22 periods, unit ten 20 periods, unit eleven 32 periods, and unit twelve 16 periods. For the project work, the board has decided the time of 30 periods.

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The distribution of marks has also been decided by the board. For the theory part, the board has decided 80 marks and for the project part 20 marks. For the unit one, two, three, the decided marks are 16, for unit four and five 14 marks, for six, seven, eight 20 marks, for nine, ten, eleven, and twelve 15 marks.

Business Studies is considered the most scoring yet a difficult paper for Commerce students. According to the last year’s question paper, the students were not happy with the questions. However, according to the teachers, the level of the question paper was easier than 2017 question paper. In 2018, the questions were tricky but the paper was scoring.

This year, the CBSE Date Sheet 2019 may be available in the fourth week of December 2018. The exams may begin after February 15, 2019. First, for the vocational subject, the exams will be held then for the core subjects. So, the entire process should be finished till March 2019.

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