The exam for Class 12 Business Studies has been conducted by CBSE on March 09, 2018. Like all other subjects, the exam started at 10:30 AM to 01:30 PM. As per the CBSE 12th time table, next major paper for commerce students is Accountancy.

Business Studies is considered as the most scoring yet a difficult paper for Commerce students. The faces of the students outside exam centres, after the exam were the greatest review of this exam. Not many happy faces were seen after the exam was over.

However, the teachers confirmed that the difficulty level of the question was lower than last year. Like the Physics paper, Business studies also got a mixed review, however, the majority of them shared the same views. Some questions were tricky but overall the paper was scoring.

As per the subject teachers, nearly 10-15% of the questions were Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS). The teachers also pointed out that the language of the questions were simple as compared to last year.

Overall the paper was scoring and the difficulty level of the paper was moderate. The direct questions were a combination of application-based questions and high order thinking skill type of questions. Some students said that the paper was a bit lengthy because of the case studies. One of the student commented that “First fifteen minutes of reading time flew away.

The students who would have gone through the NCERT textbook assigned can easily score cent percent marks in this subject. They are not dreading result of CBSE 2018 class 12. Most of the questions were NCERT based only. One of the student said that “The paper was quite easy and I was able to finish it half an hour before“.

Now, since that majority of the questions were from the textbook, it will be easy for those who are eyeing to score a perfect 100 percent marks. The course of the subject deals with Financial Management, Marketing Management, and General Management. Business Studies is more of theory-based and has a great scope for the students to score high.

However, some students felt that the 3-day gap in between the revision was not enough. One of the student commented that ‘I worked the whole year For Business Studies but the Paper was still quite tough. Case studies were really Confusing, I’m expecting just 65-72 percent marks. With 3 day Gap, the paper was tough‘.

The exams which have been conducted till now, have got a pretty good response from the students. Seems to be anybody can score 100 percent marks by being thorough with just the course books.

Though only time will tell the rest. As of for now, seeing this year’s pattern, the best tip for the next exam will be to just revise from the NCERT and solve previous year question paper. Also, try to solve HOTS question, as many teachers have pointed that about 10% questions are HOTS type.

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