Bennett University is all set to hold Youth and Truth-Unplug with Sadhguru on February 07, 2019. Young minds of the University, from various fields like B.Tech, BA Mass Communication, BBA and BBA LLB (Hons), BA LLB (Hons), etc will get to clear their doubts about the day to day unconventional norms that are seeped deep. 

The event Youth and Truth is conducted by Isha Foundation, which has been founded by Sadhguru. The purpose of the event is to encourage Indian youth to speak their mind and seek answers for all that perplex them. A total of 700 candidates have registered for the event and as per the data a total of 1000+ questions will be asked.

A team of students at Bennett University is has been preparing for this event since January 2019. They have worked hard to organize this event and have also collected all the questions that students in University seeks answers for.

The questions will challenge stereotype and will explore taboos and boundaries that exist in society. The details about the event are promoted in social media platform. Also, standees, posters, ballot boxes, and other visual displays adorn every nook and corner of the campus.

Youth and Truth-Unplug week starts from February 4, 2019. Bennett University campus will be holding the one on one session on February 7 but the Youth and Truth week will keep students busy. Meditation workshops, Yoga and also Nukkad Nataks at the university campus will give students a break from studies and will refresh their mood and mind. Other than this Mohit Chauhan’s soul-searing “rockstar” renditions accompanied by the uber-energetic youthful Sounds of Isha foundations is one of the most anticipated highlight.

“It is very difficult to convince people to ask questions that they feel is a taboo. I have to hit the right cord with messages that will be circulated for people to ask their questions without hesitation,” said a student volunteer. The University is providing a very open environment to the students. The Youth and Truth-Unplug is a chance for the students to clear their doubts and have a one to one conversation with an intellectual being, who can guide and held them explore the space beyond boundaries.

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