The candidates should gear up their preparation as not much time is left for JEE Main 2018. The JEE Main 2018 in pen and paper based mode is scheduled to be held on April 08, 2018, while, the computer-based examination is going to be held on April 15 and 16, 2018. It is expected that the JEE Main 2018 admit card will be available for download from 02nd week of March 2018.

JEE Main 2018 is one of the toughest engineering entrance examinations. More than 11 lakh students appeared for the exam last year. Though the number was comparatively lower than 2016, however, competing against such a large number is no joke at all.

JEE Main
Statistics of JEE Main – Number of candidates who have appeared in the past year JEE Mains.

Sounds a bit scary though, but students should keep working hard and they will surely get success.

The test is of 03 hours duration. The examinees must manage their time well.

In these 03 hours, the candidate needs to complete each section and revise it also. There will be MCQ type questions.

JEE Main 2018 Exam Pattern: For Offline based examination, there will two papers, namely, Paper 1 for (B. E./B. Tech.) and Paper 2 (B. Arch./B. Planning.).

Paper 1 will consist of questions from Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics. Each section will have 30 MCQ questions and the candidates can score a maximum 120 marks in each section.

While for Paper 2, the sections are divided into three parts, Mathematics – Part I (30 questions), Aptitude test – Part II (50 questions) and Drawing test – Part III (02 questions).

Marking Scheme: The other thing which the candidate should keep in mind is the marking scheme. Remember there is a negative marking for an incorrect response. So do not attempt those questions which the candidate is not sure about, as they will only decrease your score.

Attempt those questions only which you are sure about. There is a negative marking of 01 marks for every incorrect answer. While, for every correct answer, 04 marks will be given.

JEE Main 2018 Syllabus: The syllabus for JEE Main is fixed. The students who are appearing for Class 12th should have their basics clear because if they have prepared well for the board, then it is easier for them to clear JEE Main also.

When the candidates have familiarised themselves with the syllabus, note that there are always some topics which are important and carries maximum weight in the entrance test.

Important Topics For JEE Main: Considering the above point, topics from Physics such as Dimensional Analysis, Gravitation & Electrostatics,  Current Electricity & Heat Transfer, Waves & Sound, Geometrical Optics, Thermodynamics, Kinetic Theory of Gases and Rotational Dynamics, Electromagnetic Induction are important.

For Chemistry focus on topics such as Mole Concept and concept of equivalents, Redox Reactions, Electrochemistry, Thermodynamics and Chemical Equilibrium in physical chemistry, Carbonyl Compounds and their derivatives in organic chemistry and Coordination Chemistry, Chemical Bonding and Qualitative Analysis in organic chemistry.

For Mathematics prepare topics like Inverse Trigonometric Functions, Circles and Family of Circles, Sequence and Series, Probability, Vectors, Quadratic Equation and Expressions, Complex Numbers, Matrices, Parabola, Hyperbola in coordinate geometry; functions and limits, Continuity and Differentiability, Application of Derivatives and Definite Integral in calculus.

Preparation Strategy For JEE Main 2018

First and foremost, if you are in Class 12th, finish your Board exam syllabus first.

Many students leave their preparation for Board exam at an early stage because of pressure to prepare for Board and JEE Main and as a result, the preparation for both goes hap-hazard. After that the candidates have finished their board syllabus, you will be at peace and you will know how much time it will take to revise the entire board syllabus?

Easy and Hard

Now, differentiate the chapters which give you a nightmare and those you are comfortable with.

Make a list of all these chapters from all the three subjects and start working on these chapters. One of the common mistakes the students do is that they leave the chapters they find difficult for the last. However, it is not possible to cover the difficult chapters at the end because till then your brain gives up due to stress.

The idea behind the exercise is to get a minimum level of confidence in every chapter.

To work upon such chapters, first of all, go through the theory and the illustrations through the notes prepared by you.

After the candidates have completed the theory try to solve 30-40 problems for this chapter.

If you are still not comfortable, try solving 30 to 40 solved examples. After finishing this again try to solve the same set of problems after a gap of say, one or two weeks.

Also you should not waste too much time to get mastery over a certain topic.

So now from today to exam day, you should be able to revise the entire syllabus at least three to four times using the notes. It is a known fact, if you are revising again and again then a subsequent revision will take less and less time.

Mock tests.

Try to give mock test once in a week or twice in a week, but not more than that.

In this way the candidate can analyse their performance. Another way to analyse your performance close to the entrance test is, give an open test of two or three institutes.

For the open test series, one does not require to join the entire series and a single test can be given.

As participation, that is the number of students appearing is quite high in open tests so the result will reflect the candidate’s preparation level closer to reality.

Also, it has been observed that due to greater participation of students, each institute try to make good/effective paper and spend more time in making them.

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