It can be a constant struggle trying to marry passion with work. Take, for instance, having a banking job but wanting to pursue contemporary photography or working as an IT professional but aching to be behind the camera lens directing a script of your dreams. It is a universal dilemma faced by thousands of talented individuals who are afraid to step out of a lucrative career but at the same time constantly dream of pursuing their passion.

In the realm of filmmaking, the job involves a good deal of time and scheduling. Given the hectic pace in life today and the fear of not been able to make a mark in the industry, aspiring and talented individuals continue with their current work-life setup and ignore their dreams of a fulfilling career.

If you are stuck in a 9-to-5 job and looking for that break to become a much-respected filmmaker without having to quit your current profession, you may want to consider the Weekend Certification Courses for filmmaking from a reputed institution. You no longer have to give up on your filmmaking goals or your banking or IT job, thanks to the flexible weekend digital filmmaking classes from a reputed school of media such as Pearl Academy.

In today’s era, leaving a stable career to pursue one’s dreams can be a mind-boggling decision. But not many of us are aware that there are new-age courses that can secure your future career prospects without having to compromise on your dreams or your current standing in life.

The option of a hands-on and practical filmmaking course that you can attend during weekends is a boon for aspirants like you. Through the one-year specialised program, you will be able to understand the dynamics of filmmaking including storytelling and production.

You can pursue a film career in filmmaking by:

  • Gaining experience from stalwarts in the industry
  • Pursuing a course in film or cinema studies
  • Completing fieldwork or interning with one of the leading names in the film industry
  • Adding work to your portfolio
  • Networking in the industry

The film industry, worldwide, is a growing powerhouse as more and more demand for audio/visual content is continuing to rise. This trend is bringing a wide range of new opportunities to filmmaking professionals that were unheard-of before. The weekend certification courses that outline the various educational parts available to prospective students will highlight what it takes to break into the cinematic world.

While in the past it would take years of experience and studying to get a break into the film industry and grab a professional title, today, aspiring filmmakers can learn the nuances of the job without having to risk on their current lifestyle.

Some of the many career paths in films include:

  • Film or video director
  • Film or video producer
  • Screenwriter
  • Film or video editor
  • Casting directors
  • Set designers
  • Cinematographers and more

If you have an unrelenting passion for everything that comprises filmmaking, from storytelling, displaying human emotions and images, coupled with an ardent desire to learn, you will easily find the right position matched to your skills and future goals by learning from the best in the business.

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