The Union Public Service Commission (UPSC) will conduct the UPSC ESE / IES Mains 2019 on June 30, 2019. The UPSC ESE / IES Mains examination is consist of 2 papers i.e. paper I and paper II of total 600 marks. In both papers, conventional types of questions will be asked. Approximately 1 and a half month is left for doing the exam preparation.

For doing the preparation of Indian Engineering Services (IES) Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics examination the candidates are advised to make a proper strategy. Before starting preparation of the examination it is very important to make a proper plan, after making the plan the candidates must strictly follow the same. Total 4051 candidates have been selected for the main examination.

Make Proper Time Table

The first steps for doing the exam preparation is to make a proper time table. The students must at least study for 12-15 hours. In these 12-15 hours, the candidates must divide the time for each subject. The timetable must be strategized to cover the entire syllabus effectively. Because in order to qualify the examination the candidates must have the knowledge of all subjects. However, the prelims were the stage that needed extensive knowledge of all the subjects, but the

Solve Previous Year Question Papers

By solving the previous year question paper candidates exactly get to know about the level of papers. Usually, there is the highest chance of repeating the previous year questions in the current year examination. By solving the papers candidates can estimate the time span that in what time he/she can complete his / her paper and according to that they can work on their speed of attempting the questions.

Jot down the formulas

In the IES Mains Civil, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics papers technical questions are asked. For solving the technical questions different formula is used and in order to memorize the formula the candidates must jot down the formula in one notebook. For avoiding the last moment revision rush and confusion the candidates must try this strategy.

Revision makes the preparation stronger

The candidates must revise the prepared course. Daily basis revision helps the candidates in memorizing the prepared questions and formula and also help in memorizing the unprepared topics. In the last days of the examination do not prepare new topics because it may lead to confusion. If the candidates have prepared the topics and he/she not doing the revision then it may result in forgetting the prepared topic. In terms of examination, revision makes the preparation perfect.

Bonus Tips To Score More In UPSC ESE / IES Mains 2019

UPSC ESE / IES Mains 2019

What will give you an edge over other students preparing for UPSC ESE / IES Mains 2019

The candidates in this time can prepare with a pace of 2 topics per day. It is wise to practice one hard topic and one easy topic each day. Also, make sure to have a deadline, a goal each day and stick to those goals and deadlines.

It is not possible to cover the entire syllabus now. Therefore work on the topics that carry the maximum marks. Presentation is king in UPSC ESE / IES Mains 2019. Draw the diagrams as decent as possible, make the answers clean and structured. The diagrams must be well labeled and must be appealing. Getting an answer right is not enough, make it look good too. Theis fetches you at least 10 marks extra over other candidates. One can get at least 40 – 50 marks because of good presentations.

Try to finish the paper in 2.5 hours while practicing, if you achieve this you can complete the entire paper in 3 hours in the D- Day. Practice as many mock tests as possible to manage time and achieve speed in UPSC ESE / IES Mains 2019.

All the best to all the candidates who will be appearing in UPSC ESE / IES Mains 2019 on June 30, 2019. For latest updates stay connected to AglaSem news.