In the year 2019 Staff Selection Commission (SSC) is conducting 06 big examinations and some are being conducted in multiple days and shifts. For the fair assessment of the candidate’s performance due to variations of difficulty in different shifts, SSC has decided to use the normalization method to normalize the marks in the exam. The notice for the marks normalization has been provided on the SSC’s official website at

What is Normalization, what is the need of the method?

Many SSC aspirant must be aware of the process, whereas many are not. For the knowledge of the candidates, SSC provided a proper description of the method and need. When an examination is being conducted in multiple shifts then it is quite obvious that in some shift the candidates may get the more difficult questions than others. If it occurs then the marks of the candidates in the tough exam, will be degraded automatically. Likewise, those who attempt the easy one, the performance of the candidates improved automatically.

This can cause an unfair assessment, hence to eliminate the unfairness in the evaluation, many big exams conducting body often use this method.

It has been assumed by SSC that in multi-shift examination the distribution of ability of the candidate is the same in all shifts.

SSC has used this fundamental assumption has been explained, as the examination is being conducted on a large scale in multiple shifts. And massive participation of candidates can be seen, the allocation of examination shift to candidates is random.

Formula to Normalize the marks in exam

Which Exams will be affected by the process?

The exams, which were conducted in multiple shifts are the SSC Phase VI examination and SSc Stenographer Examination. Phase 6 examination was conducted from January 16 to 18, 2019. And Stenographer grade ‘C and ‘D’ examination was conducted February 05 to 07, 2019. Both exams were conducted on multiple days. For the SSC Phase 6 recruitment, 3,56,569 registered themselves, whereas only 1,05,390 (29.56%) candidates actually appeared in these examinations. The upcoming examination which will be conducted into multiple shifts are SSC GD Constable exam, which is scheduled to be conducted from February 11 to March 11, 2019.

The SSC JE examination which will be conducted from September 23 to 27, 2019. In all above examination, while preparing the result, SSC will use the normalization method.

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