Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) is to answer four questions posed before it, on NEET for Tamil Nadu students.

These questions aim at ensuring to make things smoother for Tamil Nadu students appearing for NEET 2019. They have been framed by Madurai Bench of Madras High Court.

To begin with, the bench asks, whether there has been any exercise to ascertain such technical and scientific words in English language which cannot be translated in Tamil (pertaining to NEET exam).

Then, if such an action has been taken, is any dictionary being compiled to translate those terms. If this translation exercise is being done, then are teachers made familiar of the same, so that they can impart the knowledge to students.

Lastly, the bench asks whether CBSE is taking steps to make Tamil students familiar with names of human and plant parts in English and Tamil.

The next hearing is on Friday. The board ought to submit response via affidavit by then.

Bench of Justices that have put forth these questions comprises of Justices C T Selvam and A M Basheer Ahamed. Judges have dissented declined to put a stay on NEET 2018 counselling.

State vs NEET

Of all the NEET controversies, the one that stands out most is Tamil Nadu vs NEET. A state that was for years cushioned from entrance exams, was thrown into a tizzy with National Eligibility cum Entrance Test becoming compulsory. With neither the state nor the students being at fault, the sudden change in system caused a lot of stir.

Even now, the basic problem being faced by Tamil Nadu students happens to be the language barrier – while they learn something in their native language, there happens to be major discrepancies in what is asked. This gap, is sought to be closed with steps from the board and state.

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  1. it is better to go for centralised and hormonized system to understand the subject and in turn delivery of the knowledge to all class people..

  2. What makes TamilNadu kids so special that tgey can’t follow national norms… In India be like Indians…

  3. Even a tiny state like Goa never had entrance exams for Goa medical college. But people did not do a stir or go against the govt. They decided to improve themselves. In any case the state has 85% quota which can go down to accomodate all students based on natural selection of their highest marks. What makes tamil nadu so special that they keep agitating and demanding privelage after privelage from centre?

  4. neet was established to remove
    Corruption in medical fee taken by all medical colleges . Right now India needs to remove corruption from every corner of the country to become a developed and economically stable nation,
    neet is the only best thing done by our government in decades

  5. The solution is very simple. NEET should be conducted in one Language i.e. in ENGLISH only throughout the country. MBBS is taught in English and therefore it is appropriate if NEET is conducted in English only. When a student is not competent to appear for NEET in English, then how he is expected to study and clear MBBS course. It is really absurd. I do not think IIT exams are conducted in regional languages then why this confusing system for NEET. Having a broad range of global knowledge in medicine is essential for a medical professional to update himself and which is available only in English. So instead of Courts unnecessary beating around the bush, should come out with a concrete solution immediately otherwise it will create more and more difficulties/interpretations/confusions in conducting the NEET in the future years to come. Let there be a logical and uniform system in place. The Supreme Court and other Legal bodies should take a stand that since MBBS is taught in English, NEET should also be conducted in English only. That is the reason why English is kept as a subject from the school level. Let the court decide to evolve technical and scientific medical words dictionaries in various regional languages for understanding of the students but conduct NEET in ENGLISH ONLY.

  6. Neet is the only best thing done by our government in decades to remove corruption from medical and dental profession

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