Are you taking a drop this year to prepare for NEET 2020? If this is your drop year, you probably won’t want to waste it on a preparation that will not have an outcome. Therefore, you need a plan, a direction for preparation of NEET 2020. Here we will focus on such strategies that will include smart study for NEET 2020, your dedication and hard work.

So how do you plan out the entire 1 year for NEET 2020 preparation being a dropper? You have the advantage of all your time focused on NEET 2020 Preparation only. Therefore, here are 17 full proof strategies to utilize your time in the best possible way:

#1. Online classes for extra effort: It is a waste if you do not take any extra effort to make use of this one year. Everyone does a classroom course, but are you willing to take up an extra effort to crack NEET 2020. Yes, with your daily classroom course you can opt for online NEET 2020 course too. You get to learn from the expert teachers of these classes with a different approach.

#2. Practice Mock Tests: NEET 2020 may go online in the year 2020. Therefore the candidates can start practicing mock tests online on a daily basis. This will help you get used to the online mode of the exam. The mock tests are available over the net. Being a dropper you have a lot of time. Solve each section of the test and analyze what is wrong and what is going right. You have the time to analyze and work out a solution if you start NEET 2020 preparation today.

#3. Be motivated daily to complete a topic: Being a dropper every day must be a new goal for you. the goal will depend on you. It maybe completing one entire chapter, or 3 chapters each from Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. It is up to you. But make sure the day’s goal is achieved on that particular day. Do not leave it for tomorrow.

#4. Learn from the previous mistakes: The candidates who are repeating NEET again with a drop, have the advantage of learning from their last attempt’s mistakes. There is a scope for you to learn from what you did wrong in the last attempt and improve it now. Make a checklist of the mistakes that you made in the last attempt and work on improving them – it may be time management in the exam, lack of confidence, a weak topic or anything else.

#5. Strategize every move: You preparation must include strategy. Which means plan on that subject to learn when, what weightage to give to what topic, time management and speed, and accuracy etc. every aspect of the exam must be kept in mind.

#6. Previous years questions papers are a savior: Apart from the books, the candidates need to gather as many NEET question papers from the last years. You must make it a ritual to solve the question papers at least 3 times a week. This will help you grab the exam pattern and speed needed for the exam. You will get the taste of the questions asked in the exam.

#7. Practice, practice, and practice: Since you are a dropper you have already completed the syllabus once. Now it is time to revise and practice every nook and corner. Revise every topic and start practicing from the initial months itself. This way you can build your confidence and accuracy to solve the problems on the exam day.

National Testing Agency (NTA) will be conducting NEET 2020. However, it is likely that NEET will be held twice a year and in online mode form 2020 onwards. However, there is no official information about the same. Until the candidates must continue to prepare for the exam without any changes.

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