NEET 2019 will be held in offline mode only once a year. The complete schedule of the new NEET 2019 is out. As per it, the date of exam is 05 May 2019. Registration for the national level medical entrance exam will start on 01 November 2018. Important: NEET 2019 Complete Details!

Candidates who wish to appear in the NEET 2019 must fill and submit the application form by the last date that is 30 November 2018. It may be noted here that earlier two schedules were released for form filling, one was for the NEET 2019 February exam and other was for the May exam. Since now there will be only one exam, so registration will also be one time.

Thereafter, those who apply will be able to download admit card of NEET 2019 from 15 April 2019. This will be more than two weeks prior to the entrance test. This will give candidates ample time to be aware of their exam centre and make appropriate arrangements for the same. This year the MHRD has reportedly assured that candidates will not get very far off centres.

Instead of holding the exam twice, from 03 to 17 February and 12 to 26 May, the NEET 2019 will only be once that is on 05 May 2019. The dates have been reported as of now only on prominent news networks. NTA is looked forward to update these dates on official website soon.

Moreover it is also informed that the result of single day NEET 2019 will be announced on 05 June 2019. The schedule is almost completely similar to the last year’s exam schedule wherein exam was held on the first Sunday of May and result announced in beginning of June.

NEET 2019 will be held on the first Sunday of the month of May in the year 2019. Once again, candidates will get one attempt in a year. Although it isn’t clear yet whether the same system will continue next year or not. This will put candidates for NEET 2020 in confusion yet again.

Earlier this year, in the month of July, MHRD minister Prakash Javadekar had announced that the all India medical entrance exam NEET will be held twice and in computer based test mode from the year 2019 onwards. The schedule was also published at new official website of NTA that is However on August 10 it was reported that the Ministry of Health had asked the Ministry of Human Resources Development to reconsider their decision because it will put rural students in a fix who do not have easy access to technology, and also class 12 students will have to appear in too many exams. Following that, it has now been reported today, at 6 PM via news networks, that NEET 2019 changes will roll back. New rules that were supposed to apply to the exam will now be cancelled.

This news on NEET 2019 being conducted once a year again in offline mode might be upsetting to a large group of students who were looking forward to twice a year exam to get two chances. On the other hand, many were initially not happy with the sudden changes and wanted the exam to continue in the same mode for at least a year. What are your views on this? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. As 2019 NEET exam will conducted by organisation other than CBSE so it must be twice in a year.if JEE MAINS then why not NEET.

  2. Pls hold the exam twice a year… Let us also enjoy the benefit of two attempts and the online mode will help us to save time in filling the bubbles

  3. Why there is a discrimination between neet aspirants and jee aspirants? When the same nta is conducting both the exams then why jee to be held twice and neet once in a year, it means our government thinks that they didn’t require any good doctors and this is the main reason India is lagging behind in medical field and there is huge crisis of doctors. That’s why most of the good students aspiring for neet go abroad and complete there mbbs and we Indians go foreign for treatment. Sir, still there is time reconsider your decision because every student is equal whether it is of jee or neet. Each student should a fair chance.


  5. Y is this discrimination between NEET and JEE students???!!! Aren’t all the same when JEE can be conducted twice y not NEET…..lakhs to gather students write NEET exam not all qualify for them shouldn’t u give a 2nd chance

  6. give me a lot of pleasure .
    Give me sufficient time to prepare and I will not confuse about how to prepare both the times.

  7. What is the problem of 12th grade students?? They should have been happy that the exam will be conducted twice a year…. They could have thought of the first exam as a mock test….. It would have saved the waiting time of repeaters as well…… They were upset just because they’ll have to give continuous exams? What’s this idiotic shit? As far as the mode of exam is considered the students should have been allowed to select their mode of exam, the same way it was done in JEE MAINS.

    I’d consider this as a major drawback.

  8. Students who need to take drop have very difficulty according to this new rule now. Since there would have been two chance, there was no problem of taking another year for second chance. The twice a neet rule was definately perfect for one and all. Even who are not accessable to technology could have answered Through Offline exams so it was not a real reason for shifting the idea again.

  9. Sir,
    Frankly I couldn’t understand how 12th students ‘ll be pressurised if neet is held twice as it wholly depends on them whether to attempt twice or once.
    So if it’s troubling them then,it ‘d been better if NTA had facilitated droppers/ repeaters to attempt twice a year.

    I also want to put forth my Q on mode of conduct of exam-“if NTA can establish practice centres in rural areas for JEE MAIN ,then why not for NEET? ”
    However these are my personal opinions & I would request MHRD & NTA to reconsider on this matter based on students views.

  10. Should have been twice, once in online and other in offline mode for rural students. And may be 12th students should have access to only the one after their board exams.

  11. if our government can conduct jee mains two times in a year and even in online mode so why government has problem to conduct NEET in the same way this step of government is very much disappointing for medical students this is my humble request to our government to stop playing with our career

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