All proposals to revamp the JEE Advanced exam has been unanimously rejected by the IIT council at the meeting held at IIT Delhi today. The IIT council, the highest decision-making body for the IITs met today, however, they gave a nod of rejection to all the proposals in the direction of taking down or reforming the JEE Advanced examination. In the meeting, the IIT Directors, and Chairpersons underlined that the aim should be to strengthen the current system.

It was made clear that no such proposals which might undermine the credibility of the IITs and the JEE in any way will be acceptable. There were proposals to form a panel which could make the JEE Advanced ’more scientific’ and  ‘reduce dependence on coaching centers’. In addition to that, there was one more proposal –  to let the selected students choose their preferred college and rather than the branch of study. Both these proposals faced rejection at the IIT council meeting.

Other proposals that suggested doing away with the B.Tech courses and scrapping the JEE Advanced examination were vetoed at the meeting.

As per many reports, the majority members in the council said that a change has already been made in the JEE system by changing the conducting body and going completely online. Right now, there are rooms for improvement in questions but not for any radical reforms.

The Changes That Got Green Flag In The Meeting

Apart from the radical proposals, there were few that got a green signal in the meeting. IIT Council agreed to a key demand by the IITs to relax fee for foreign students which currently stands at Rs 6 lakh per annum. The Council has now allowed each IIt’s Board of Governors to decide on the fee for foreign students.

In addition to that, the IIT PAL or IIT Professor Assisted Learning lectures would be made accessible to students preparing for JEE Advanced on SWAYAM portal.

Also, there were discussions on the construction of campuses of new IITs. A committee would be set up which would comprise of directors from IIT Delhi, Hyderabad and Tirupati to further discuss the construction and infrastructural development in IITs. Further, there were talks on organising an annual Tech Fest to demonstrate and showcase various innovations and technologies developed by various IITs.

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  1. Congratulations to iit council for not changing current system of iit will maintain standard of iit in India as well as in world.Thanks to HRD minister &all members of iit counselling committee.

  2. Good decision,well thought out result for unmindful suggestion.
    The council has just saved IIT s from going to be mere govt engineering colleges.

  3. Jee advance should be scraped.IIT should more concentrate on research activities to generate new knowledge, which should be useful to indian society,urban and in general to human society globally. They should teach only the last four semesters.there should be two tier IITs in India. New IITs established after 2000 should cater the students and M.Tech and PhD should be taken care by old IITs.

  4. 1)IITs needs focus on research by MTech, PhD programs and also needs to start Integrated MTech-PhD program but it does not mean to discontinue its flagship B.Tech programs.
    2)Enough changes in exam plattern has happened, now truly scope for better questions for JEE advance to be worked out which should be more scientific.
    3)No pattern can actually remove coaching requirements because our basic education of all subjects including science is not up to the mark, however SWAYAM by MHRD is a positive step to help the disadvantaged students.
    4)IITs to have more foreign faculty both full time and visiting.
    5)IIT professors to also work as visiting faculty in other IITs and this system needs to be strengthened, thus helps in quality faculty availability issues of IITs.

  5. Well, that’s a great idea of unwrapping jee advance which will maintain the dignity and standard of iit . Also the fact that new iits are to be constructed needs to be paid high attention.

  6. JEE Advanced ’more scientific’ and ‘reduce dependence on coaching centers’.
    It is very Shameful that the Board members rejected this.

    You can Check the survey, only 3% IIT students do not take Coaching.
    You the condition’s of All the coaching centre across India, they charge like Anything!!!!
    I think the Meeting should be Conducted once again on this Particular Matter “REDUCE DEPENDENCE ON COACHING CENTRE”

  7. Its totally fair. The standard of IIT should not get lowered. This will get india at developed position.

  8. An idea was also proposed that iit’s would be undertaking 100 and more colleges in order to increase the seat matrix which already is running still now. And the most important idea for removing the dependence on coaching institutes has been called.But both these ideas have been rejected. Do the prestige of an exam is more important than future of our students? We all ready give nearly the world’s toughest examination in order to enter a college which doesn’t holds it’s tanking even below 50’s. What kind of scrap discussions have been made in that meeting? Do they really care about someone’s life. Lakhs of Innocents have suicided under pressure for either not been able to cope up or were not successful in achieving the iit’s. Many of students made hope for a good decision to be taken off but all our hopes were in vains.If you don’t have courage to make these gigantic changes then please never give hope to these young innocents.

  9. Sad decision by IIT council. IIT advance should have been scrapped in order to stop illegitimate coaching industry. The decision exposes the narrow minded and cliche ridden thinking of IIT top shots. They live and think of an impractical world.

  10. Instead of new iits focus more on providing better infrastructure in existing iits. Provide quality rooms and better mess facilities to students for they have to stay in campus for at least 4 years. Give scholarships to worthy student only on basis of only merits and economic situation of the students.

  11. I think IIT should increase the attempts so that the students have enough time like “Ok now we have completed our 12th, learned learned some basics in school and we have enough time for self studying and learned concepts by own from brief reading of books and I can crack it by my own as I have two years for my last attempt or either if I learned it earlier I can do it next year and if I Failed then don’t have to panic I am having next attempt” Actually there are many students who start there JEE preparation after 12th and only have one year to learn and complete the syllabus so they prefer coaching over self accessing and self learning and in eager of this sometimes they won’t learn the concepts properly and leads to bad performance as we have seen in JEE- ADVANCE 2018 and also due to low score they build a mental pressure or if they won’t get selected the have social pressure also by the society. There parents be like “we have sent you to coaching paid your very high and unaffordable price what you learned, you are good of nothing”.

  12. The decision taken by IIT council on this matter especially creating a body called “IIT-PAL” is really appreciable. This would overwhelmingly reduce dependence on coaching institutes.It would also be beneficial for aspirants who can’t afford to go coaching institutes.

  13. IIT Council doesn’t even recognise the irrelevance of the JEE advanced. What’s the point of learning PHYSICS, CHEMISTRY for a student who wants to do Computer science engineering. Newton laws of motion doesn’t help him to become a better programmer or a software developer for that matter. And same goes for civil students ( what’s the point of learning chemistry ahead)
    Their (IIT council) stupidity reflects in their decisions always.

  14. Dependence on coaching centres can be reduced only when there is a strict vigilance of the government on them.They let the students for very long hours to sit and study irrespective of their interest. They want ranks by hook or cook to improve their business. I doubt the IIT profferssors can frame such question papers after watching IITPAL lectures.

  15. Yes coaching classes charge like anything and unnessecerily they have made a hype of iits peole r not ready to go in certain iits only few iits r the favourite the whole pattern should be changed the students who dont go to iits are bright also so there is no point in creatung hype of iits as tbey have made the exam n its standard so high n every year so many seats remain vaccant even in top iits so whats the point in giving such education.this will only increase tbe coaching classes as i have seen people r creazy to pay anything for such classes.

  16. Its good that council has taken this decision , JEE advance maintains the dignity of the IITs.
    But they should actually focus more on research based studies through MTech and PhD programs. This will help in increasing quality of studies as it make students go on discovering .

  17. Doing away with the was not feasible but efforts should be made so that IITs could be remembered for their research not only in sciences but also in social sciences as public health and educational administration of primary and secondary level throughout the country. These are the severe problem our education system is facing.

  18. Awesome… Very well decision. Thank you for keeping the diginity of IIT in India as well as in the world.

  19. good decision by iit council. it saved the dilution of iits with ordinary engineering colleges. my tributes to those who have framed and passed in parliament iit act which has given such power to iit council.

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