ISC Chemistry Paper was Easy

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations conducted the exam of class 12 Chemistry on Friday i.e. on March 01, 2019. According to the students, the question paper was quite easy. The students were satisfied with the questions. It is meant that this is the easiest paper in the past 14 years. As per the candidates, this time the questions were asked directly. There were no tricky questions.

Every year, the numerical questions use to be asked indirectly. However, this year, the numerical was also asked straight. The questions were asked as it is present in the syllabus. According to the counsellers, the weightage of marks which is described in the syllabus for a particular topic, the questions came as per the definite weightage. However, there were some questions from the NCERT books.

Last year, the counsellors made some changes in the exam pattern. In the question paper, they had increased the number of choices.

In the current question paper, there was a very difficult question but as the choice, the board asked a question from the reasoning part. So, it became easy for the students to attempt. Also, the questions of equation balancing were easy.

There was also the misprint in the question paper. The question number was 9. In the question, there was printed oxetic acid at the place of acetic acid. At two places in the question, acetic acid was at one side and on the other side, there was oxetic acid. When the misprint was known then the teachers corrected it and also they inform the other schools.

Talking about the History and Civics paper, the board asks the questions related to a picture. The picture can be taken from any of the incident mentioned in the textbook. So, it use to be one of the tough questions in the paper. However, this year, the picture question asked from Jaliawala Bag. So, the students also found it easy.

Now, the next exam is for Mathematics. It is scheduled on March 05, 2019. The exam will begin at 2:00 pm. The exams will end on March 25, 2019. It will be held for Home Science – Paper 1 (Theory)/ Geometrical & Mechanical Drawing/ Geometrical & Building Drawing. The timing is the same for it also.

The Council for the Indian School Certificate Examinations is a national level board. It is a private organization which is responsible for the educational activities. CISCE was formed 60 years before on November 03, 1958. It is a Non-Government Board of School Education. Over 2100 schools are affiliated with this board in India and abroad in 2017. But now, it has been increased to 2410. The headquarter of CISCE is situated in New Delhi.

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  1. The question paper had a misprint of oxalic acid not oxetic acid and teachers did not correct the misprint in our school because they were themselves confused that whether the question is asked for oxalic acid or acetic acid . We had to answer the or part of the question and it became compulsory for us to answer the or part of the question which was 9 b rather than 9a although the 9b part was tricky and the answer of the molecular weight came out to be 1100 g(approx) .

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